Monthly Archives: October 2007

The Miracle in the Defence System

The way of learning from al- Sadiq and discussing for evidence was not as the way we find today in the Islamic theological centers. Rather, his students, except some of them, believed in his Imamate. As we have mentioned earlier, the Imamis believe that the knowledge of the Imam did …

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The Promised Dawn and Expectation of Relief

The idea of the final victory of the forces of righteousness, peace and justice over those of evil, oppression and tyranny, the complete and all-round establishment of high human values, the formation of a utopian and an ideal society and lastly the accomplishment of this ideal at the hands of …

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Eid: A Time of Worship or Partying?

As Ramadhan begins, Muslims all over the world prepare themselves for a month of fasting and worship. Truly this month is filled with blessings from our Lord, who has granted us thirty days of limitless potential in which to please him. In Ramadhan, the gates of Jannah are wide open …

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The Special Distinction of the Day of Eid

What is the actual meaning of Eid? At first, it may be proper to seek the meaning of Eid in the books of the scholars. Eid is the day of special attention of Allah (SWT) to His servants, recalling them to His presence and the day of loving Him. Eid …

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