Monthly Archives: November 2009

Course: Milestones in Shia Thought

AIM held a course examining the lives of some of the very earliest scholars of Shi’a Islam and the unique contributions which they made to its development. Covering more than two hundred years of intellectual history, from the time of Imam al-Sadiq (d. 148 AH) to Shaykh al-Tusi (d. 460 …

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Hijab Exhibition 2010

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) organised a grand Hijab Exhibition on Saturday 27th February 2010 in the James Theatre in Watford for sisters only. It was a day full of great features including inspiring talks, fashion show, bazaar, auction, prizes and dinner. With great demand, the hall packed in around …

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Event: A Conversation with Achmad Cassiem

On Saturday 7th November 2009, the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission and the Islamic Human Rights Commission organised an event with Imam Ahmad Cassiem, a former inmate of Robben Prison during Apartheid South Africa. At age 15, Achmad Cassiem joined the armed struggle against the oppressive apartheid regime in South Africa and …

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