Monthly Archives: January 2010

Why Does Bad Stuff Happen?

With the recent earthquake in Haiti which has devastated that country, taken an astonishing amount of victims, and left many, many lives in ruin, many people ask the questions: why does God make us suffer so much? Why are there pain, natural disasters, illness, disease and so many hardships in …

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The Imamate of Imam Zayn Al-Abidin (a)

No Imam began his Imamat in a more tragic atmosphere. The first day of his Imamat saw him seriously ill and a captive of the army of Yazid in Karbala. His father and predecessor had sacrificed all he had on the altar of truth; and Imam Zayn al-‘Abidin found himself …

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The Islamic Perspective on Adoption

When looking at the issue of adoption from Islamic point of view, we must separate two things: first, the concept of helping orphan and poor children; second, the implications of such a help. As far as the concept of helping the poor and the orphan is concerned, Islam not only …

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Battle for Mediation: The Political Price for the War in Yemen

Whilst all wars have a rational “end”, some are less rational than others. The participation of the Saudi and Yemeni establishments in their war against Yemeni Houthis has been a catastrophic error – so catastrophic, in fact, as to verge on political suicide. After months of blind bombing raids, the …

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AIM Muharram Message

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) today released its annual Muharram message in which it stressed the need to draw lessons from the message of Imam Hussain (a) in tackling the challenges facing the Ummah. In His Name the Most High “Peace be upon you, O Imam Hussain, and peace be …

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