Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Warning against Corrupt Company

Islam wishes to develop a capacity for discernment and bring about an inner discipline in the human mind by making people reflect on the significance of social intercourse and selection of one’s companions. It desires to habituate people to observance of discipline in their activities and decisions. Besides, in this …

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Imam Khomeini: A Short Biography

Twenty years after the Islamic Revolution swept Iran and brought forth a wave of social reform unrivaled in the 20th century, the first comprehensive English biography of its founder, Imam Khomeini, was published. Thirty-one years have passed since the Revolution, and Imam Khomeini: A Short Biography by Hamid Algar remains …

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Imam Khomeini Conference 2010

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission and the Islamic Centre of England held a conference marking the demise of the late Imam Ruhullah Khomeini. The conference was entitled ‘Father of the Revolution’ with guest speakers including Sister Shirin Tejanii, Dr. Fatima Hussain, Sheikh Hamid Waqar, Br. Mohammed Al-Hilli and Imam Mohammed Asi. …

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