Monthly Archives: March 2011

Event: The Voice of Revolution

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission and the Lebanese Welfare Community held a seminar to mark the birth anniversary of Sayyida Zaynab (a). The seminar was entitled ‘The Voice of Revolution’ with guest speakers including Sheikh Bahmanpour, Br. Amir de Martino and Dr. Saeed Shehabi. The seminar was hosted at the Imam …

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Bahrain: The Yearnings of an Oppressed Nation

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) released a statement stressing the need for unity and vigilance to confront the challenges affecting the Ummah. AIM stressed that there is today a grave responsibility on our shoulders toward the oppressed people of Bahrain, as well as the uprising nations across the Ummah including …

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The Long Arab Revolution

The Arab Revolt of 2011 is unabated. Protests continue in such unlikely places as Bahrain. On Valentine’s Day, a protest march in Manama had no love for the al-Khalifah royals. It wanted to deliver its message. “Our demand is a constitution written by the people,” the protestors chanted. Opposition leader …

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The Beggar and the Laborer

I came across a poem the other and it really struck me. I pondered over it for some while and marveled at how precisely it depicted a small aspect of our world – a small but significant aspect. It’s far beyond me to try and translate the poem into English, …

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