Monthly Archives: February 2012

From Knowledge to Activism

“And say: Act! Allah will behold your actions, and (so will) His messenger and the believers.” Holy Quran 9:105 Knowledge and self-building are important themes in the introspection of the individual. Our ability to succeed in a world of materialism is subject to continuing in the struggle for the pursuit …

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A Closer Look at Worship

Worship {‘ibadah} is the purpose behind our creation. The Qur’an states: “I did not create the jinn and humans except that they may worship Me.” [1] If the work we are doing is for the sake of seeking the pleasure of God, then it is an act of worship. It …

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Islam and Social Responsibility

Men of faith define the present times in precarious terms. Beneath the glamour of technological progress, any deeper assessment of the general human condition presents a far more sombre reality. ‘What is to blame for our current perils?’ one may ask. In essence, we are living the after-effects of the …

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