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The Mystery of Life; The Hows and Whys

Asking about the Philosophy of Life Asking about the philosophy of life has always existed. Many people around the world have posed the question. Basically, once any conscious human being succeeds in releasing his “self” from the ocean of anxieties, joys and tensions of his fatalistic, natural life and consider …

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What Imam Ali (a) said to Kumail

Narrated in Shaykh Al-Mufid’s Al-Amali, Imam Ali (a) highlights the importance of knowledge and learning to his companion, Kumail ibn Ziyad Al-Nakha’ee. In his advice, the Imam (a) reproaches those who misuse knowledge or are misled from its pursuit by worldly pleasures. Once I was with Amirul Mu’mineen in the …

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Young Muslims urged to give blood during Muharram

Young British Muslims are being urged to mark the holy month of Muharram by giving blood in Manchester. Muharram is a period of mourning to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the prophet Muhammad. In an extreme demonstration of their faith, devout Shi’a Muslims makes themselves bleed on …

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Islam and the Question of Violence

Despite the presence of violence in many regions of the world ranging from Ireland to Lebanon to the Pacific Basin and involving many religions from Christianity to Hinduism, the Western world associates Islam more than any other religion with violence. The Muslim conquest of Spain, the Crusades – which were …

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