Monthly Archives: February 2016

Idara-e-Jafariya bans worshippers from performing ‘Tatbir’

A Shia mosque in south London has banned a group of worshippers from self-flagellation with blades in a bloodletting mourning ritual, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih. After a legal battle lasting two years Idara-e-Jafariya in Tooting announced on Wednesday that it had arrived at an “amicable agreement” to settle a long-running …

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AIM holds 40th Day Memorial for Shaheed Nimr

AIM held a special memorial commemorating 40 days since the martyrdom of Sheikh Nimr on Saturday 13th February 2016 at the Islamic Centre of England. Attended by hundreds of people and with speeches by scholars, community leaders and activisits; this event highlighted the communities condemnation of the Saudi Arabia for murdering …

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Following the Awaited Saviour

“Certainly this rule [of the Mahdi] will not come to you but after having despaired. No by Allah, in order that you may be [tried] and differentiated from one another” Imam Al-Sadiq (as) It is said that the awaited Imam’s occultation is a test for us, and the way which Allah …

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