Monthly Archives: January 2017

AIM: We need decisive response to the rise of fascism

In a brief statement issued today, the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission said as follows: ———- AIM calls for a clear and decisive response to the rise of fascism in the United States. We have very serious concerns about the influence of right wing extremism and believe it is imperative that everyone …

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But surely there are 313 ready for the Imam?

Often we ask the question, why hasn’t the Imam returned or risen yet? Surely there are more than 313 ready to sacrifice for the Imam! But how many of us would have submitted like Haroon al-Makki, the companion of Imam al-Sadiq (as)? The story is as follows: Al-Ma’moon al-Raqi said: “I was …

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Faith in God

Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – their Lord will guide them because of their faith (Surat Yunus verse 9) Imam Khomeini defines Faith, as the “divine light that makes the heart a subject of divine manifestations, as narrated in the Hadith al-Qudsi “Neither can the earth …

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