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Can a Sayyida marry a non Sayyid?

Often it is the case that cultural tendencies take a precedent over Islamic jurisprudential and social norms. An example of this is the cultural practice of not marrying a Sayyida woman to anyone but another Sayyid man. This practice is usually witnessed more frequently in the Indo-Pakistani community. Although the …

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Is Islam against desire and pleasure?

‘They ask you what is permitted to them? Say: all good things are permitted for you…’ (Qur’ān 5:4) Islām is here to show man the way to prosperity. The Creator of man – who knows him better than he knows his very own self – gave man religion (Islām). By …

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Fundraiser for Muslim Community in Myanmar

We have started a fundraiser for the Muslim Community in Myanmar. We have set a target of £3000 which would be our humble contribution to this community. The money will go towards the following: The Community in Myanmar do not have any Ahkam book in their language, so we would …

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The Two Types of Taqwa (Part 1)

Shaheed Mutahhari in his “Dah Goftar” discusses a profound concept that should be subject to attentive examination by all believers– especially those seeking spiritual refinement. He says taqwa is of two types: A taqwa of weakness (تقوای ضعف) and a taqwa of strength (تقوای قوت). Sometimes a person has taqwa …

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