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Listening: The key to life

‘Only those who listen will respond [to you]. As for the dead, Allāh will resurrect them, then they will be brought back to Him’ (6:36) The verse points out two categories of people. Those who listen and respond are placed in opposition to those who are dead, the implication being …

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A stepping-stone to Islamic activism

‘Then did you think that We created you without use and that to Us you would not return?’ (Qur’an 23:115) Allah (swt) created humanity and did not leave them to wonder on the face of this Earth aimlessly. Instead, Allah has constantly sent Messengers and Prophets to guide humanity. These …

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Fundraiser for Shia Muslim Community in the Caribbean

AIM is fundraising for the Inspire Project which is an organisation led by Shaykh Mohammad Zakaria to provide educational services for the Muslim community in the Caribbean. Details are below: What we do The Inspire project provides educational opportunities for the  Muslim communities in the Caribbean, either via its weekly …

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Pregnancy: A Divine Journey

Positive. Two little lines, a plus sign; even clearer is the writing on the wall, “PREGNANT.” Pregnancy is a time of great change – mind, body, and soul. Most begin this journey with the usual motions of doctors visits, blood tests and other routine medical check ups. We are inundated …

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Where Are The Rajabiyyūn?

That heavenly breeze returns once more, carrying with it the fragrance of hope and love. Hardened hearts begin to open, as softened ones prepare to blossom with all their splendour. It is as if the curtain of the Heavenly Kingdom begins to slowly be parted, permitting the inhabitants of the …

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Occasions in the Islamic calendar

There are numerous Holy occasions within the religion of Islam which have been subject to both celebration and commemoration. These occasions all hold unique reasons for their observance, and it should be highlighted that Shi’a Muslims differ from their Sunni brothers in that they observe many days of mourning, sadness and …

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