Monthly Archives: March 2018

Revelation does not replace Human Reason

A common and dangerous misconception is that Revelation (Al-Wahy) is here in order to push man’s reason (Al-`Aql) out of the arena. While such a thought may never have passed our minds with this exact wording, some of us have subconsciously accepted this notion. And this misunderstanding often becomes evident …

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Should Muslims be visiting Al-Quds?

Our extended family’s plan for a destination reunion over the summer holidays hit a snag earlier this year when Al Quds (Jerusalem) got included in the itinerary, with some yearning to visit the sacred city while others (that would be me) refusing to do so while the city is under …

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Facebook banned Far Right Group ‘Britain First’

Facebook removed Britain First and its leadership from across the social network — four months after Donald Trump caused a diplomatic spat by retweeting fake videos from the English Islamophobic group. “Content posted on the Britain First Facebook Page and the Pages of party leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen …

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Protests surround Saudi Crown Prince visit to London

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman faced widespread protests during his visit to London. Protesters plastered huge billboards on buses and vans driving through the streets of London denouncing Bin Salman as a war criminal. Human rights activists are appalled that Bin Salman, who is responsible for the slaughter of …

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