AIM held Fatimiyya Majalis at Imam Hussain Mosque

The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) in association with the Lebanese Youth Foundation (LYF) and the Islamic Centre of England (ICE) organised Fatimiyya Majalis commemorating the martyrdom of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Fatima Al-Zahra (as).

The program was held for 5 night at the Imam Hussain Mosque in Kilburn and featuring a nightly lecture by Hujjat Al-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Shaykh Amin Rastani entitled ‘The Days of Darkness’.

The program also had masa’ib recited by Haj Mohamed Baqir and Latmiyyat by Mulla Ammar Alnashed, Mulla Noureddin Alkadhimi and Mulla Mohamed Farhat.


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