AIM marks anniversary for Shaheed Al-Sadr in London


AIM marked the 33rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Shaheed Al-Sadr with a seminar as part of its AIM Platform series shedding light on the life and legacy of this great scholar.

Shaheed Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr stands out as one of the most prolific scholars in the contemporary history of Shia Islam. His contribution to Islamic political, legal, economic and philosophical thought has shaped discussions within these fields, and his works in these areas have become a seminal part of educational syllabi.

In addition to his academic output, Shaheed Al-Sadr played a crucial role in galvanizing the Islamic movement in Iraq. He educated its leading activists and developed a political and intellectual roadmap for the nascent movement amidst a context of social and political apathy. This towering scholar breathed life and vitality back into Islamic thought, and he has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the Islamic intellectual heritage.

Two of his more renowned works, Our Philosophy and Our Economics, played a critical role in safeguarding the Ummah against the ideological onslaught of Marxism and crystallized aspirations for a truly Islamic system.

Due to the popularity and revolutionary vision of Shaheed Al-Sadr, the Baathist regime laid several restrictions on him and laid siege to his house. Ultimately, after having failingly exhausted all of their options to break the resolve of this eminent scholar, the Baathist regime cowardly executed him and his devoted sister, Bintulhuda, on 9th April, 1980.

To commemorate the life and legacy of this exceptional personality, the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) organised a seminar at the Islamic Centre of England on Sunday, 7th April 2013. The panel of speakers included Sayyid Hassan Al-Sadr, Dr. Kadhim Shubber and Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli, who delivered lectures and then took part in a lively Q&A session at the end of the program touching on various aspects in the life and thought of the martyred scholar.

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