A United Eid Message to the Community

With the closing of Ramadan, a humble yet very welcome initiative was brought to the community whereby a group of London-based Shia Muslim organisations issued a joint Eid Greeting Card to the community, celebrating the auspicious occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.
Inspired by meetings that took place between AIM, Al-Zahra Youth, Ansar Youth Project, Banihashem Foundation, Innovative Muslim Minds, Islamic Unity Society, Kanoon Tawhid, SICM (Mahfel Ali), Shia Professionals of London, and Stanmore Jaffery’s; this small gesture brings a new spirit of unity to the London Shia Muslim community in otherwise testing times.
O Allah! We ask you to reconcile our hearts with love and understanding, to resolve our broken affairs and guide us towards peace, and to take us out of the darkness of falsehood and show us the path of guidance.

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