Activists have been camped outside Nigeria Embassy demanding medical treatment for Shaykh Zakzaky

11th August 2019 – Ruhi Rizvi

Protest in London against the tyrant Buhari and Nasiru el Rufai for injustice against Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah who desperately need medical treatment abroad.

31 days of ongoing protest to see Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah receive medical treatment in India. Everyday being here has been a worthwhile presence. Protesting or condemning against treachery, oppression and injustice can be done using eyes, ears, hands, tongue, and in fact, using all possible actions. Everyone of us has some skills and expertise to offer the oppressed and stand in solidarity with them. There have been numerous members of our community who have provided food to the protesters, graced us with their presence and alerted their families and friends. Some people have made effort to be here, arriving from other cities like Nottingham, Birmingham and Luton. Br Nima Mehrabi left his home in Germany and camped outside the high commission for 3-4 days, then arranged his protest in Berlin too.

Children have used artistic and creative skills designing posters or writing messages for passers by and helped decorate the tree which we have named the Zakzaky tree. Most have stood for hours handing out information brochures, to help educate and inform passers by.
One particular child who stood out for me, ( just 10 years old) arrived with his parents and sister, has used his initiative by creating his own page online which describes Sheikh Zakzaky’s mission, his plight, the Zaria massacre and Sheikhs medical needs. He informs his friends and family.

Our presence speaks and it is our duty in islam to act for the oppressed. Any movement anywhere which promotes Islam is our business and by speaking against tyranny and injustice supports progression of Islam, which otherwise may be halted.

Whilst many people are obliged to believe that protesting is baseless, I have good reason to believe, just through this experience that it piles on pressure on the embassy causing agitation and frustration. Our demands were sent direct to Nigerian authorities and our Nigerian sisters and brothers of the Islamic movement have felt supported. The protest received media attention for good reasons. London protest itself, has been a catalyst for our goals to see an order for Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah to be released for medical treatment. Also, we have worked to escalate other protests globally, by rippling a domino effect.

Our Sisters and brothers, have not only been present at the Nigerian High commission in London, some have worked away from their offices and some have slept overnight in a tent or under the skies, in all kinds of weather conditions.

This sit-in protest has been our ‘caravan of love’. Our struggle has created a family with a common goal. A family of activists who have braved Islamaphobic attacks, social media insults and intimidation from some random people. We remained steadfast on this path and remain undeterred because this is about humanity and this is what Imam Hussain’s message taught us. Our voices reverberated Lady Zainab’s stand for justice against oppression. This is ‘Labbayk Ya Hussain.’ This is our response to the Yazid of today where ever he maybe and most of all, this is for the pleasure of Allah swt. Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen

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