AIM Condemns BBC on Gaza Stance

AIM Condemns BBC on Gaza StanceThe AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) today released a statement of condemnation for the biased decision of the BBC not to air a fund-raising appeal for the victims of the Gaza crisis. In the statement, AIM said: ‘The decision by the BBC to prohibit a humanitarian campaign from being aired on a public service is despicable and underlines at the very least, its’ acquiescence in the face of Israeli pressure thus making the BBC complicit in Zionist aggressions.’

We have become accustomed to the deep-seated bias of many British media networks, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), when it comes to the coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Even by these delinquent standards of hereditary journalistic bias however, the recent refusal by the BBC to air an advert for a humanitarian fund-raising appeal for Gaza registers a new low.

During the 22-day war on Gaza that was unilaterally provoked and unleashed by Israel – an entity whose presence and conduct has continued to be a cause for wider regional instability and suffering – at least 1,330 Palestinians were killed, with a further 5,450 recorded casualties; many of whom having suffered life-threatening injuries.

In light of the extent of the indiscriminate massacre of innocent civilians, and the unequivocal position of international human rights organisations that have reiterated the dire humanitarian situation within the besieged Gaza Strip; the British Broadcasting Corporation, a public service paid for by the British public, has brought on itself much shame for its unpopular decision to refuse any air-time for a fund-raising appeal.

Its’ decision to prohibit a humanitarian campaign on the airwaves is utterly despicable and underlines at the very least its’ acquiescence in the face of Israeli pressure thus making the BBC complicit in Zionist aggressions.

An immediate reversal to this shameful decision is crucial in order to restore public confidence in the impartiality of the BBC, and to buttress, even if superficially, its’ non-biased character. Although the damage has already been done, sticking by this immoral and evidently unpopular decision is akin to twisting the dagger in an already sore wound.

We urge all conscious and morally driven individuals to make every effort to protest to the BBC with their complaints against this shameful stance ( We call on one and all to stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation through all available mediums. In this regard, we strongly encourage all Britons to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Gaza Crisis Appeal

AhlulBayt Islamic Mission
25th January 2009

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