AIM Muharram Majalis 2013 concluded in London


Revive our memory. May Allah (swt) have mercy on he who revives our memory. – Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (a)
Each year, millions of lovers of the Prophet (s) and his AhlulBayt (a) gather at the start of the Islamic calendar month of Muharram to commemorate the great tragedy that befell the household of the Prophet on the plains of Karbala, Iraq.

Imam Hussain (a), the unrivalled hero of Karbala, stood to reform the Islamic community of his grandfather. The Imam rejected silence in the face of oppression and open transgression of Islamic teachings, both of which had become widespread under the brutal and un-Islamic reign of the Ummayyad dynasty.

In that epic of Karbala, there are everlasting messages of instruction and human values exhibited at the height of perfection. From the heroes of Karbala, we learn the power of true faith and love of God. We witness the purity of the quest for truth and justice, rejection of oppression, human dignity, honour and patience, liberation, magnanimity and sacrifice amongst other great human values and ideals.

Shia Muslims all over the world gather to renew their loyalty to the path and example of Imam Hussain (a). They also declare their allegiance to the Master of our time, Imam Al-Hujjah (atfs) who shall return to establish the kingdom of God on earth.
As with past years, the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission organised its nightly Muharram Majalis program in conjunction with the Islamic Centre of England. The central theme this year was: ‘The Everlasting Hussaini Revolution’.
We were honoured to have Sheikh Hamza Sodagar from the Hawza Ilmiyya of Qum to address the subject and shed light on some of the timeless lessons in the epic of Karbala. The nightly programs also featured recitations of the Holy Quran, poetry and eulogies in honour of the great sacrifices seen on the day of Ashura.
Each night, hundreds of attendees representing a broad cross-section of the Shia community of London attended the mjalis program.
We express our sincere gratitude to all those who participated and contributed towards this year’s Muharram majalis. In the end, we pray to the Almighty (swt) to accept our humble efforts and to keep us forever steadfast on the path of Imam Hussain (a) and his companions.
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