AIM response to the Covid19 Pandemic in UK

In the past weeks AIM has been working hard to respond to the unprecedented circumstances and extraordinary challenges that have impacted our society due to covid19. 

  1. Al-Abbas Response Unit: The level of impact on our communities and society is large and requires immediate attention. With this in mind and after realising that many vulnerable people in our community are struggling, we formed this unit to provide urgent deliveries of food and medicine supplies to those in need. This unit now has coverage in London, Watford, Slough and Luton, with a number of volunteers on standby to fulfil requests and help the community.
  2. Burial Assistance Team: Unfortunately there is a high death toll and there was a need to create a team to assist with the huge task of providing help with burial rites. Training and workshop sessions for ghusl, tayamum and Kafan are being undertaken for volunteers who are now on standby to provide assistance in this area in addition to providing support on site in cemeteries.
  3. PPE Kits: There are many efforts being made to acquire PPE kits and other essentials. A team has been working hard to get these items which are proving very difficult to find. These PPE kits are being provided to those volunteers handling the deceased for burial rites, scholars who are leading prayers at the cemetery,  and volunteers who are providing services for the Al-Abbas Response Unit. 

In light of the situation we find ourselves in, the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission is making a request for assistance and calls for urgent community support to help in this crisis. 

You can help by the following means:

To make a donation to help us in this crisis, please click here

To volunteer for Al-Abbas Response Unit, please click here

To volunteer for Burial team, please contact [email protected]

To help us acquire PPE kits, please contact [email protected]

AIM will be releasing updates on its continued efforts against the coronavirus in the coming days. 

We ask the Almighty to accept this little that we do in His way and seek forgiveness for our shortcomings.

Wa Min Allah Al Tawfiq. 

Wasalaam Alaikum

Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM)

11th April 2020

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