AIM Statement: Islamophobic Attack on Muharram Majlis in London

AIM stands in solidarity with the mourners of Imam Hussain (as) who were attacked on Tuesday night in a vicious Islamophobic hate attack outside Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini in Cricklewood.

Mourners of Imam Hussain (as) were leaving the programme when a red Nissan Juke indiscriminately mowed down at least five people. Three were injured, including a male worshipper in his fifties who remains in hospital and is being treated for a serious leg injury. Eye-witnesses say that the attackers shouted Islamophobic hate speech before they started their attack.

Many volunteer stewards bravely stood between the speeding vehicle and mourners heading home, protecting the mourners of Imam Hussain (as) and potentially saving dozens of lives. One volunteer was seriously injured and was rushed to hospital. AIM prays for their speedy recovery.

AIM shares the concerns of the community that attacks on Muslims are treated with a different standard and that if roles were reversed, this would have been called a terrorist attack.

Mayoral Office statistics show there was a 40% increase in anti-Muslim hate crime in London last year. It would be remiss to see these attacks in a vacuum. Experts, like the IHRC, say that these attacks are increasing because of an “Environment of Hate” fostered by the language politicians and the media use, as well as the laws and policies made by the government and its institutions.

In recent months there has been a surge of the far-right in Britain who have held angry protests against Islam. They have been further boosted by the comments of mainstream politicians both here and abroad.

Muslims in Britain should be able to go about their peaceful worship without fear of attack.

Every year we renew our allegiance to Imam Hussain (as) to stand up against injustice and tyranny. Imam Hussain (as) teaches us to be politically aware of our circumstances and proactive in our solutions. When we stand united under the flag of Imam Hussain (as) and what it stood for, we will be able to withstand the challenges we are faced with with one strong voice.

Wa Salaamu Alaikum

Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission
19th September 2018

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