Do you have your Palestine flag ready for #FlyTheFlag?

Here are 5 easy ways of getting yourself a Palestinian flag for the #FlyTheFlag Campaign to mark Quds Day 2020:

  1. Those of you in the UK can order a FREE paper printed flag of Palestine by filling in this form.
  2. You might want to upgrade to a real flag, if so you can buy it now from the IHRC Bookshop or check out Ebay and Amazon.
  3. If you have a printer, you can download this PDF and print it out for yourself.
  4. For those of you who are more creative or want to get the kids involved, try making your own flag, or download this PDF and colour it in!
  5. If all else fails (which means you’re quite unlucky), how about putting the flag full screen on your TV, computer or tablet and taking the picture that way.

Basically, you have little excuse not to support Palestine this Quds Day, so are you up to the challenge?

Enjoy the campaign and spread the word!

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