Allamah Mohamed Baqir Majlisi

Mohammad Baqir Majlesi, known as "Allamah Majlesi" was born in the city of Isfahan in 1037 (A.H.) [1616 A.D.]. Mohammad Baqir Majlesi, known as "Allamah Majlesi" was born in the

Spiritual Freedom

The greatest damage of our time is speaking of freedom and confining it to social freedom. Spiritual freedom is never spoken of and, in consequence, social freedom is not secured.

Rights of Brotherhood between Muslims

One of the highest and most excellent instructions of Islam to all Muslims is brotherhood, without distinction of birth, rank or position. But, unfortunately, Muslims have always neglected this. One

The Basis of Social Co-operation

Striving to solve the problem of others and relieving them of their afflictions is not only the duty of every person, it is one of the best and sublimest pleasures

The Generous and Pious

Forty years of the life of Imam Ali ar-Ridha (peace be upon him) had passed, and he still had no son to inherit the Imamate. On the tenth of Rajab,

Hardship, a Cause of Awakening

Considering the harmful effects of neglectfulness and the intoxication of arrogance, on the one hand, and the numerous moral lessons taught by misfortune, on the other, it can be said

Practical Tips for Self-Refinement

One of the most important obstacle for achieving the self-refinement is negligence. If round the clock we are submerged in worldly affairs, running away from remembrance of death, are not

Goal of Creation

In Islam everything revolves round the axis of God, including the goal in the mission of prophets and individuals’ goal of life. According to the Qur’an, man gains his happiness

Reality of Taqwa

The word ‘Taqwa’ is derived from the root ‘waqaya’ which means ‘to safeguard’ or ‘to abstain’. In the Islamic terminology it is defined as the action of restraining oneself from

Biography of Ayatollah Behjat

By his deeds and words, this great scholar has always directed himself to God alone. A great mujtahid has said about Agha Behjat, “It cannot be just said about him

Do Not Despair

It is made clear by studying the Qur’anic verses and the traditions of Ahlul Bayt (s) that the apparent and hidden sins are a psychological disease and this disease is

The Spiritual Message of Shi’ism

The message of Shi’ism to the world can be summarized in one sentence: “To know God.” Or in other words, it is to instruct man to follow the path of

Enduring Legacy of a Leader

I know that these demands will cost me dearly, perhaps even my life, but these are not demands that could die out with a person’s death. They are the yearnings

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