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AIM is a Shia Islamic organisation empowering people through educational and recreational activities.

AIM calls on schools to protect rights of students to express views on Palestine

AIM has co-signed a letter alongside other UK organisations urging schools across the country to shield pupils expressing their support for Palestine from intimidation by Zionists and their sympathisers.The letter reads as follows:Dear Head Teachers and School Leaders, Children’s education needs free debate on Israel-Palestine: stop the intimidation There have …

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Due to the unfolding human tragedy in Palestine, the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) has decided to launch this fundraising appeal to facilitate for urgent assistance to reach those in need in Gaza. With over 190 people killed, including 50 children and over 830 people injured, the situation in Palestine is …

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Hikmatul ‘Ibadah – The Wisdom of Worship

Join us for a 3 hour online session spread over 3 evenings discussing the wisdom of worship with Sayyid Abbas Ayleya. The course will cover the following aspects of this subject: Lesson 1 Introduction and meaning of Hikmatul ‘IbadahLevels of worshipRecipe for acquiring the Hikmah Lesson 2 Hikmah & The Infallibles …

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Learn Quran – Weekly Online Sessions

This course focuses on learning to recite the Holy Qur’an with Tajweed.We cater for both those who can not recite as well as those who are able to. We start from a beginners level, and work through the different levels, step by step.There are classes available for both adults and …

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Learn Arabic – Weekly Online Sessions

This is a modern day Arabic language course where you will be learning to read, understand and speak the Arabic language.We start from a beginners level and work our way through the different levels step by step.There are classes available for both adults and children.For enquiries, please call +44 7932 …

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Statement: Remembering the Martyrs

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. “Do not consider those who are slain for the cause of God to be dead. They are alive but you are unaware of them.” (Quran 2:154) We begin in the name of God, Lord of the martyrs and the …

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Workshop on Hijab

AIM is organising a sisters only session on Hijab.Details are below: Understanding HijabOnline Workshops with Sister Fatemah MeghjiDates: Friday 24th & Saturday 25th July 2020Time: 7pm-8.15pm (UK time)Topics include: The Quranic and textual evidence for the obligation of hijabThe philosophy and fiqh of hijabCommon questions, misconceptions and current day challenges …

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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

AIM is launching this emergency appeal to provide urgent support to those immediately affected by the Coronavirus crisis. The situation is dire and we need immediate financial assistance to support those working tirelessly on the ground to provide much needed food and essential supplies to the needy. We as Muslims …

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