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AIM is a Shia Islamic organisation empowering people through educational and recreational activities.

Protests surround Saudi Crown Prince visit to London

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman faced widespread protests during his visit to London. Protesters plastered huge billboards on buses and vans driving through the streets of London denouncing Bin Salman as a war criminal. Human rights activists are appalled that Bin Salman, who is responsible for the slaughter of …

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Fatimiyya Majalis with Shaykh Jaffer Ladak

The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) invites you to attend the upcoming 5 night Fatimiyya Majlis in the English language. Speaker: Shaykh Jaffer Ladak Dates: Wednesday 31st January – Sunday 4th February 2018 Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm Place: Muhammadi Trust, 131 Walm Lane, London, NW2 3AU Brothers & Sisters welcome. Food will be …

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AIM opens new online marketplace

The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) is pleased to announce that it newly opened an online marketplace earlier in the month offering a wide selection of books and clothing. The new marketplace provides worldwide shipping and hopes to fulfil orders with fast delivery. AIM has been able to secure products from …

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The Miracles of Prophet Jesus (pbuh)

Prophet Jesus like many other Prophets had proved the authenticity of his mission by miracles he demonstrated with the Permission of God. The wonders performed by the Prophets that we call ‘Miracles’ are referred to in the Quran (3:49, 5:114) and the Bible (Act2:43) as ‘The Sign of God’, because it verifies and …

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Muharram 2017

Muharram is once again coming upon us and as with previous years, AIM will be hosting a 10 night programme to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as). We are pleased to announce that Shaykh Usama Abdulghani will be joining us to lecture for these nights and we have recitations …

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