Alexander Khaleeli

Alexander Khaleeli has studied Islam in London, Damascus and Qum. He currently resides in the UK and in addition to delivering lectures and classes, also translates classical Islamic texts into English.

Following the Example of Shaykh al-Nimr

  First was the execution of Shaykh al-Nimr. Then, there was shock. Then anger. While much of the world was still hungover from holiday spirit, the Saudi regime took a man whose lean frame and piercing gaze symbolised the stoic determination of its oppressed Shi’a minority, and they butchered him …

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The Will of God

Whenever something happens that is beyond human control, it is common for religious people to ascribe that event to God. Even insurance companies (who are not exactly known as beacons of piety) typically refer to natural disasters for which no one can be held responsible, such as volcanoes, hurricanes and …

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How to help the refugees

Recent days have shown an outpouring of humanity in Europe. Angela Merkel has announced that Germany will open its doors to more than half a million refugees and urged other states to follow suit; in Hungary, activists screened cartoons for children who have fled war and destruction; in Britain, thousands …

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Atheists; critical thinking and tradition

In  a  debate  last  year  (2012)  with Rabbi Lord Sacks, Richard Dawkins was  asked  by  a  member  of  the audience if he brought his children up  in  “the  atheist  tradition.”  To  this, Dawkins  replied:  “There  is  no  atheist tradition.   The   atheist   tradition   is: ‘Think for yourself. Be critical’.’’ In other words,  …

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Alexander Khaleeli explores the concept of happiness in our modern, commercially-driven societies and asks if there is not something more basic and obvious we all seem to be missing If someone was to ask us what we want from  life  how  would  we  answer?  Write a  best-selling  novel,  become  famous perhaps, …

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Quetta: The Power of Protest

Martyrs of the Shia community in Quetta are finally buried after a 4 day protest ended. Something incredible has happened – a revolution in Quetta. But this was no ordinary revolution; no shots rang out, no buildings were stormed and no burning barricades blocked the streets. In sharp contrast to …

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We Are All Quetta

Shia Protesters in Quetta Pakistan refuse to bury their martyrs until government takes responsibility.   Processions attacked in Karachi, people pulled off buses and gunned-down in Gilgit, billiard halls blown up in Quetta – the torrent of violence against the Shi’a of Pakistan continues unabated. Thousands of men, women and …

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