Anna Oleinik

Anna Oleinik, also known as Sister Amina Sadr, is a convert to Islam from a Russian background. She often writes about her experiences and about Islam in general.

Reading: the habit of the free

There was a time when lack of literacy and education among the people made them defenseless in the face of deceit and manipulation by those few who had access to advanced levels of intellectual polemic. Using information and sophisticated rhetoric as a weapon, select groups could, in some cases, direct …

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Following the Awaited Saviour

“Certainly this rule [of the Mahdi] will not come to you but after having despaired. No by Allah, in order that you may be [tried] and differentiated from one another” Imam Al-Sadiq (as) It is said that the awaited Imam’s occultation is a test for us, and the way which Allah …

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