Huda Jawad

Huda Jawad is a writer and editor of Islamic texts who currently lives in the United States. She has a degree in teaching with an emphasis on social sciences and manages various educational outreach projects in the United States including leading the Committee to Improve Islamic School Teaching in the United States (CIST-US).

Making weekend Islamic school learning meaningful

One of the questions I receive very often from teachers who work at weekend Arabic and Islamic schools is, “How can I get my students to take Saturday/Sunday school seriously?” This is a sentiment echoed by many parents also who engage in a battle of wills with their child who …

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Sharing the Message of Karbala with Children

As many communities prepare to commemorate the life of Imam Hussain (as),  many questions are being asked by those in positions of power. Who will the speakers be? Where will programs be held? However, while focusing on such details, we are often  neglecting how topics such as Ashura, the battle …

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Islamic Activism at What Cost?

I was recently attending a meeting with several activists from various local organizations.  All of them were in their 20’s or early 30’s. At a certain point, someone mentioned how sleep deprived they were and from there, the tales of self-sacrifice emerged. Knowing the brother across from me hadn’t slept …

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Why Our Islamic Schools are Failing

When I was 17 years old, I was given the enormous task of keeping 25 children under the age of 5 entertained at a Sunday Islamic school. Now mind you, 6 years later and I think that group of children turned out fine. What was I thinking? What was the …

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A Life of Service: Honouring Imam Ali (as)

The English vocabulary while expansive suddenly finds itself too poor to produce sufficient words to describe the character of Imam Ali (as). The examples of his piety are an endless ocean that scholars have devoted their time to seeking. His worship remains the summit of submission to God and his …

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Speaker or Scholar?

How many of us choose to attend an Islamic event based solely on the person speaking? Big names draw big crowds at lectures, seminars, and discussions. It doesn’t even matter how many times we’ve heard that same lecture about unity or Hijab, if a certain speaker is there, so are …

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