Hussain Makke

Hussain Makke graduated from his journalism degree in 2012 before pursuing the path of the Hawza. He is currently residing in Lebanon in his 4th year of studies.

Sheikh Nimr, the Free Man

The first time I saw him speaking was on a video posted on Youtube in early 2012. Defiant in his words, firm in his stance. A man in Saudi Arabia, an Islamic scholar, was speaking up against the corruption of the monarchy and government knowing full well he was putting …

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The Martyr will free you

Every act of the human being has a spiritual reality to it. All your decisions leave an impression on your soul. Narrations tell us that when we sin, a black dot appears on our hearts and when we partake in good deeds, a white dot appears. If we sin too …

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Break your heart until it opens

A mother is holding her 3 month old baby above the water as she kicks her legs as hard as she can to stay afloat. Gasping for air, she is running out of energy as well as breath. Her hands begin to fall the weaker she grows until the frozen …

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Trust Thyself

“You won’t make it. You won’t achieve it. It’s impossible. Why even try. Who are you to even try? Just settle you’re getting too old. I don’t approve. You can’t do it”. Are these sentences familiar to you? If they are, firstly I just want to empathize with you. You’re …

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