Mohsin Jafri

Syed Mohsin Jafri is a student in the Hawza Ilmiya of Qum and is an active member of the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM).

Islamic propagation in the age of new media

Abstract This article will argue that new media creates more of an opportunity for Islamic communities to carry out propagation through more than what is known as traditional media. Firstly, it will shed light on traditional media and how it makes propagation of true Islam difficult. Secondly, it will introduce …

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Palestine: A Modern Day Karbala

We have heard it before, from one angle or another, why should Shia help the Palestinians? I don’t know. Why should any human help someone who has had their house stolen, their father killed, their brother tortured to death in prison, their sister humiliated and their mother punched and slapped …

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