Salina Khan

Salina Khan is a journalist who blogs about trying to emulate the four perfect women of all times. She has a masters degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and worked at USA Today as a business travel reporter. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and three daughters.

Should Muslims be visiting Al-Quds?

Our extended family’s plan for a destination reunion over the summer holidays hit a snag earlier this year when Al Quds (Jerusalem) got included in the itinerary, with some yearning to visit the sacred city while others (that would be me) refusing to do so while the city is under …

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Prayer Isn’t Enough

If I get asked one more time to “make dua (supplicate to God)” for this, that or the other I am going to SCREAM!!! With the Muslim world literally on fire–whether from Imperialist war machines, takfiri mercenaries or even their own Western-backed militaries–most observers with even an ounce of compassion …

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Rock Star Imams

If you’re among the growing number of Muslims who get their Islam online, keep reading but with your antennas up high. There’s a conspiracy underfoot to virtually misguide you. A new report released in February by U.S global policy think tank RAND Corporation, entitled “Promoting Online Voices for Countering Violent …

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Reviving Student Activism

By Salina Khan A speaker we invited to our tiny college in suburban Chicago 15 years ago–radical human rights activist Lynne Stewart–is now a political prisoner in a U.S. penitentiary, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I consider activities put on by most of today’s Muslim students organizations child’s …

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Resist Like Hussain

  I  finally get how “Everyday is Ashura and every land is Kerbala” after reading Naomi Klein’s international bestseller Shock Doctrine earlier this year. In this meticulously documented book, Klein laid out how extreme acts of violence perpetrated against populations around the world are not so random after all. She says they’re …

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Stand Up and Speak Out

  Though she’s had her name smeared, her car egged and her phone pranked, a non-Muslim friend of mine continues her battle against Islamophobia, serving as an inspiration for Muslims who claim to be custodians of the truth but increasingly don’t dare speak out for fear of repercussions in a …

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Debunking Free Speech

  I experienced a blast from the past over the weekend when a guy I went to Sunday school with appeared as an Islam expert on a CNN newscast about the film maligning Prophet Muhammad (S). With so many people–from government officials to academicians to local imams–championing America’s freedom of …

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Mercy to the Universe

    Assalamu alayka ya Ya Rasool Allah Assalamu alyaka ya habibi Ya Nabiyya Allah Many salutations be sent upon you O Messenger of God Many salutations be sent upon you O my Beloved O Prophet of God   Upon hearing about the films maligning Prophet Muhammmad (S), my first …

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Pride Not Prejudice

  When my kids threw a fit after I suggested they take treats to school to celebrate the Eid holiday with classmates, I threw one back. “You should be proud of you are!” I chided but in a crescendo with more colorful language and while forcefully putting dinner plates into …

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