Ayatollah Khamenei writes letter to the Youth of the West

The Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei addresses the youth of the West in an unprecedented message. The full letter is shown below:


In the name of God, the Beneficent the Merciful

To the Youth in Europe and North America,

The recent events in France and similar ones in some other Western countries have convinced me to directly talk to you about them. I am addressing you, [the youth], not because I overlook your parents, rather it is because the future of your nations and countries will be in your hands; and also I find that the sense of quest for truth is more vigorous and attentive in your hearts.

I don’t address your politicians and statesmen either in this writing because I believe that they have consciously separated the route of politics from the path of righteousness and truth.

I would like to talk to you about Islam, particularly the image that is presented to you as Islam. Many attempts have been made over the past two decades, almost since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, to place this great religion in the seat of a horrifying enemy. The provocation of a feeling of horror and hatred and its utilization has unfortunately a long record in the political history of the West.

Here, I don’t want to deal with the different phobias with which the Western nations have thus far been indoctrinated. A cursory review of recent critical studies of history would bring home to you the fact that the Western governments’ insincere and hypocritical treatment of other nations and cultures has been censured in new historiographies.

The histories of the United States and Europe are ashamed of slavery, embarrassed by the colonial period and chagrined at the oppression of people of color and non-Christians. Your researchers and historians are deeply ashamed of the bloodsheds wrought in the name of religion between the Catholics and Protestants or in the name of nationality and ethnicity during the First and Second World Wars. This approach is admirable.

By mentioning a fraction of this long list, I don’t want to reproach history; rather I would like you to ask your intellectuals as to why the public conscience in the West awakens and comes to its senses after a delay of several decades or centuries. Why should the revision of collective conscience apply to the distant past and not to the current problems? Why is it that attempts are made to prevent public awareness regarding an important issue such as the treatment of Islamic culture and thought?

You know well that humiliation and spreading hatred and illusionary fear of the “other” have been the common base of all those oppressive profiteers. Now, I would like you to ask yourself why the old policy of spreading “phobia” and hatred has targeted Islam and Muslims with an unprecedented intensity. Why does the power structure in the world want Islamic thought to be marginalized and remain latent? What concepts and values in Islam disturb the programs of the super powers and what interests are safeguarded in the shadow of distorting the image of Islam? Hence, my first request is: Study and research the incentives behind this widespread tarnishing of the image of Islam.

My second request is that in reaction to the flood of prejudgments and disinformation campaigns, try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion. The right logic requires that you understand the nature and essence of what they are frightening you about and want you to keep away from.

I don’t insist that you accept my reading or any other reading of Islam. What I want to say is: Don’t allow this dynamic and effective reality in today’s world to be introduced to you through resentments and prejudices. Don’t allow them to hypocritically introduce their own recruited terrorists as representatives of Islam.

Receive knowledge of Islam from its primary and original sources. Gain information about Islam through the Qur’an and the life of its great Prophet. I would like to ask you whether you have directly read the Qur’an of the Muslims. Have you studied the teachings of the Prophet of Islam and his humane, ethical doctrines? Have you ever received the message of Islam from any sources other than the media?

Have you ever asked yourself how and on the basis of which values has Islam established the greatest scientific and intellectual civilization of the world and raised the most distinguished scientists and intellectuals throughout several centuries?

I would like you not to allow the derogatory and offensive image-buildings to create an emotional gulf between you and the reality, taking away the possibility of an impartial judgment from you. Today, the communication media have removed the geographical borders. Hence, don’t allow them to besiege you within fabricated and mental borders.

Although no one can individually fill the created gaps, each one of you can construct a bridge of thought and fairness over the gaps to illuminate yourself and your surrounding environment. While this preplanned challenge between Islam and you, the youth, is undesirable, it can raise new questions in your curious and inquiring minds. Attempts to find answers to these questions will provide you with an appropriate opportunity to discover new truths.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to gain proper, correct and unbiased understanding of Islam so that hopefully, due to your sense of responsibility toward the truth, future generations would write the history of this current interaction between Islam and the West with a clearer conscience and lesser resentment.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei

21st January 2015







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  1. May Allah grant you long life to see the world change to the truth

  2. We are with you and the truth!
    From Canada

  3. This letter was very much so needed. May Allah reward you for your devotion.
    – Canada

  4. Ba arze Salaam khedmateh Seyyed Ali Khamenei!
    Thank You for your letter, receiving info about Islam from its original source is the key to keeping ourselves grounded in our faith.

  5. Letter lightings. God Bless and Protect Him.

  6. Says the man who supports ISIS through funneling money to them.

  7. The content of the letter is the reflection of divine’s message but require confirmation of the source.
    Before I pass on to my community youth , can anyone pls send me the source or reference of this letter to establish the authenticity that it ah cone from ayatollah Khameni office I can’t find it on leader.ir website .

  8. salam to our great Rahaber . thank you for this lovely message in this time we really need to know which way we are going thanks. ,

  9. We love you Khamenei.

  10. Regardless of being shiite, sunni or else..but the fact of being a muslim I’d say this is what we need..a good smart thought to be redirected to the western mind, that has been long led astray. Great thoughts Sayid Ali.

  11. Salamun Alyakum,

    Although I agree with the writing, I would like to ask the poster to verify that these in fact, are the words of the Leader.

  12. Salam alykum!
    Yes the west is full of misconception as a result of which it does create problem but may Allah give us patience and strength to fight through this all. Thank you Ayatollah for your inspiring letter.
    From U.S california

  13. Bola Kidu if this had been the case then iranian general along with hezbollah members would not have been killed in recent airstrike on golan heights

  14. I fear for my kids ! But I’m here an we will obey ! In-Sha -Allah .. Where here being counted ….I’m here in the belly of the beast America .. Over run by the USA .”Under Satan’s Authority ” .. If I could move an get out I would .. I’d rather die there then here .. May Allah grant you long life an good health . An may Allah bless the Prophet an his family …

  15. Like many others muslims, he did not mention anything about the penalty for apostasy and blasphemy in Islam.

    AN Ex-Muslim,

  16. Agree entirely!

    Sydney, Australia

  17. Labyak ya Khemani


  19. Very well addressed to the youth. It imparts an important message to the world youth at large. We need to get down to the fundamentals of Islam.
    May u live long.

  20. In the name of Allah the most beneficial and entirely merciful.

    We the youth of Kashmir, India obeying your commands and orders and by Allah we are with you and we never ever leave you alone whatever the situation is.


  21. Assalam alaikum.. The concern towards the youth shows the vision of the great leader… Time has come to show the world the real face of islam.. As the world media and some illegal powers n groups of ignorants have always conspired to present a very distorted face of Islam, which is very far from the reality.. The leader can play a vital role in enlightening the youth all over with truth and reality..

  22. well said! seeking the truth is a key to any approach! am in!

  23. Ali Daniyal Sheikh

    Labbaik Ya Khamenei!

  24. husain Ali virani

    Just reflect for a while.see what the result is.truth always prevails.

  25. Let’s spread this message to the world

  26. Sani Ismail Danjuma

    A great leader who’s philosophy could solve all the problems of the world, political, economic and social. Thanks alot.

  27. WOLF speaking like sheep. definitely this speech seems to me blasphemy because he thinks as though he is the leader of all muslims who live on earth and he thinks that ALLAH nominated him…..only God and prophets can nominate the representives.
    please stop blaspheming ALLAH you are just a leader of his people not representative of God

  28. Mohammed Al-kaabi

    Thank you very much

  29. Clearly comes from a man who is honest and wants the world to unite. GOD BLESS!

  30. Mashallah, what a fantastic letter which opened my eyes. You are the true and great Leader of the time. Who can lead humanity to the safe path. I’m really sorry I might not understood you before and said anything against you surely I was wrong hopefully you’ll forgive me.
    Your spiritual son from onwards.
    Ehsaan Hayder

  31. Content is really appealing, yet its affiliation to leader and its authenticity needs to be verified, as its not available on Syed’s official Site.

  32. Salamun Alaikum every one,

    The letter is available at the official website:

  33. Dear ABDIWAHAB Assalam Alaikum. Never once in his letter has the Ayatollah claimed to be the leader. Also kindly do read it again with an open mind and not with a pre biased mind and you shall realise that the content of the letter is the need of the hour for all Muslims throughout the world.



  36. This is unbelievably beautiful, rational yet heartwarming. My regards to such a great spirit

  37. Mr Ayatollah, it’s best if you practice what you preach. Free all political prisoners you are holding and start an inquiry into every execution of dissidents or opponents in the past 35 years since you took over. Then start a referendum and see if the people of Iran still want you and your regime as governing them.

  38. Kourosh

    Your post is the only one that actually follows Islam.

  39. Labaik Ya Hussain (as)
    A much needed letter from a follower of the Ahl-e-Bait (as)
    Some of you must have made up your minds even before starting to read the letter. To those I say, “don’t see who is saying it, see what he is saying”. To those who have admired the contents of this letter, your Imam is still alive and will always guide you through people like Ayatollah Khamenei. And to those who don’t understand the true Islam, plz read the Quran in the right context and study the teachings of Ahl-e-Bait (as) to ensure you don’t get misguided. Study Karbala and the picture will get even clearer!!


  40. Mashallah
    May Allah bless his holiness and everyone around him

  41. JazakAllah
    May Allah Ba Haq e Mohammad s.a.w.w Wa Alhe Mohammad a.s always bless you
    Illahi Ameen

  42. ayatollah khamenei is best leader and politician in world
    I love my leader

  43. Salaams,

    We are lucky to have you as one of our leaders,

    Thank you

  44. I would immensely appreciate your rationality, my great leader!

  45. Jazaka llah KHYR….

  46. first of judging about something is to search about that.it is not right to hat Islam with out knowledge.he is right.

  47. All,

    I do hope the source is not genuine, these are not words of wisdom but reflect a common misunderstanding. The west is not against Islam, the west is against Islamic extremism as it is against any other kind of extremism.

    The west on the whole is the most tolerant society on the planet and actively encourages multiculturalism through political and legal means. You don’t have to walk very far in any major western city to find a mosque for example, and look what happened in Sydney during the cafe siege with the #illridewithyou Twitter campaign where thousands of messages of support were posted online for Muslims in Australia who were afraid of an Islamophobic backlash (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-30479306 ).

    Yes there are large sections of the west who are intolerant but they are ignorant and diminishing year on year. Personally I no longer believe in any religion and I have one very simple but powerful reason…it is divisive. The world is full of humans and we should not be divided but stand as one.

    No religion. Peace on earth.

  48. This letter was truly needed! Thank You. May ALLAH S.W.T guide us all to the right path InshALLAH!!

  49. Give me a break!
    You’d better to talk to the youth of your own country first!
    You have destroyed irAn with your silly dreams for nuclear weapon, wake up man!!

  50. sir i am from pakistan and i love u so much . your msg is needed to all over the world .

  51. ” We love you Khamenei. ”

    my dear :

    I suggest you and any one who wants to know the real islam , go to this site :


    if you find islam bad , come and say any thing you want to me.
    ya ali(یا علی )

  52. @MOHAMMED I’m not sure if your comment was directed to me or not. Thank you for the link I will take a look. I have read Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Quran and it is a beautiful book, as are most other religious scriptures. The common thread through all major religious scriptures as far as I can tell is peace, love, understanding and tolerance. No matter which way you look at it choosing or practising a religion is divisive (unless true tolerance is embraced). Without religious (or any other kind of) labels we are all just humans. When we *all* realise that there’ll be peace on Earth.

  53. labaik ya khamenei

  54. A much needed communication has commenced, which if taken seriously shall break the ice and can also defeat the Satan and its followers.

  55. A very humble realistic and heart touching effort. One should get knowledge from direct sources rather than media or words of mouth.

  56. ABDIWAHAB , what do you think of baghdadi? Is he doing blasphemy? Do you know the meaning of blasphemy?
    In jummah prayer, when the mola gives a speech is that blasphamey? Because Allah hasn’t chosen him?


  58. he is a MAN in the world

  59. dear ADEEL SYED , this so good for you you want to earn source massege.
    i have it and i will show you, CLICK ON MY NAME
    after that you go to another page and in final you click on the link (at end of page)
    good luck


  61. it is a good opportunity for direct recognition of islam.

  62. god bless you my leader ..we love you ..thank you

  63. We should always be open-minded and visionable. Also, you should know enough about Islam to know what is wrong, and what is right. Don’t trust everything the media tells you. You should find out your own information.

  64. sir, What ever you said is true. But before this plz explain why you are supporting Basharul Assad in Syria killing innocent Muslims in inhuman way. Same is the case with Yemen and Iraq. First of all stop supporting them because Islam also condemned the support to tyrants. Your attitud towards Arab is just like the Russia in cold war as she did for imperialism. Thanks

  65. Asalamualikum,
    RECEIVED, LOUD and CLEAR, May Allah bless you Commander…..
    from america.

  66. The words of the spiritual leader of the Islamic republic of Iran are deeply rooted in the hearts of the bulgarian people. Its because the power of their truth, passion and inspiration. Its because the bulgarian nation today is under unsupportable american terror and domination. Its because our poor country is occupied from the usa army, what is just a mercenaire gangsters, well paid war criminals, opressors and parasytes. So the words about spirituality, freedom and national dignity are very actual in Bulgaria- an enslaved country under NATO repressions and puppet, homosexual proamerican politicians. Long live Islamic Republic of Iran- our way to the trith, our Hope, our brilliant example for how a nation must fight for freedom and independence! Allah bless you, your Excellency, mister Khamenei!

  67. وفقكم الله للخير

  68. وفقكم الله للخير دامت بركاتكم

  69. God Bless Syed Ali Khamenei.
    For those who are just overlooking the letter with your blind eyes and close minds, and writing things which are not fact at all. Please gain some knowledge and open your eyes and minds before you speak, as the great person who has written this letter is asking you should do. BUT unfortunately some of you are so ignorant that even after reading the letter you carry on your ignorance.
    And for those of you who are talking about the country of Iran, I feel so sad that you havent recognized that bcoz of Islam and a great leadership this country after all the sanctions, it has managed to stand on their own feet, can you name any such country, there were even afew countries who had sanctions but they collapsed! I used to live in UK and then in Norway for awhile and now in Iran, and the peace I have found here I didnt find in Europe and I believe Iran is one of the most safest countries on earth, and I believe it is only because of a true Islamic leadership, and of course the hands God on them who choose to be on his path.
    I would also ike to mention, we humans are not perfect so things made by us humans wont be 100% perfect, but a great human is the one who chooses a direction which is most towards righteousness and when he/she does that, then their God will hold their hand and help them to get closer to perfection.
    By mentioning this I wanted those of you who have some minor issues with iran or their leadership, to focus on what is better because you will never find the best anywhere in the world.
    Trust me God will never leave you alone, he is always there, giving his hand to pick you up the ground so you can stand and be proud.
    Peace to you all <3

  70. this is my great imam, logical, spiritual inspirations. thank u. may ALLAH Keep u long life.

    liti, Nigeria.

  71. Labbaik Ya Khamenai
    We Love You .
    May Allah Bless You My Leader . <
    <3 جانم فداے رھبر

  72. Islamic propaganda and nothing more. No other religion demands of it’s followers the heads of those who refuse to submit to that religion. No other religion demands that other religions either embrace that religion, or pay a Jizyah in order to co-exist peacefully. Muslims beheading Coptic Christians because they refuse to submit to Islam is simply Muslims following the commands of Muhammad. I have read the Quran, and there is nothing I have seen Islamic “terrorists” doing today that is not in the Quran. The notion of “radical Islam” is a joke because Islam is a violent religion, period. Christianity and Islam have been at war for almost two millennia. That will never change as long as Muslims continue to believe that every other religion will one day submit to Islam. That will never happen. There are 2 billion Christians worldwide today and there are 1.57 billion Muslims. Believing that 2 billion Christians, (as well as 1 billion Hindu, and half a billion Buddhists) are going to submit to Islam is a ridiculous fantasy at best. Until Muslims accept that fact, the world will continue to look at Islam as a violent religion with delusions of world domination. Muhammad himself commanded his followers to achieve world domination by any means, violent or nonviolent, and Muhammad loved and praised his violent followers. Today we call them “radical Islam”. “Peaceful Islam” is an oxymoron. If you are a Muslim following the Quran, you must accept violence as a means of spreading Islam throughout the world. A Muslim who says otherwise is a blasphemer.


    Respected Brothers in faith.

    Salamun Alaikum,

    This email is not for any financial help or support only request for intervene for compensation which the responsible / workers and subordinates of Zainabia Trust – Karachi, did evil with us.

    Below is the email which is self explanatory and I have been sending since May-2014 to the trustees of this trust for compensation but ironically of the fact is that they are not giving heed to our grievances till to date.


    Muhammad Raza Hemani.

    Victims of evildoers of Zainabia Trust – Karachi – Pakistan.



    Email: dated : 19-05-2014

    Brother Hussain Ali Bhai Congowala


    Brother Amir Ali Patel,

    Trustees of Zainabia Trust,


    Salamun Alekum,

    This is an open letter for all the God fearing person living in Pakistan and abroad.

    Every day I witness this saddening reality although a long more than 8 years had been passed of this tragic event which was literally ruined our family lives.

    I belong to a respectable Khoja Ithna Asheri family and living in Karachi Pakistan.

    Our ordeal began when some time in the year 2006 my brother sustained looses in business and he was paying a handsome amount to his debtors in order to clear his dues. But it is very sad to narrate that a responsible person of a House providing trust (Zainabia Trust in Karachi) involved in this case taking undue advantage of his official position used to call me and my brother and threatened us of dire consequences if we did not surrender the flat to trust in order to pay outstanding to their creditors. Even though the matter was neither related to me nor to Zainabia Trust.

    Ultimately, as he wished we visited to his office in order to resolve the issue amicably but as per his evil desire he called others in his office and in the presence of outsider he used such a rude behavior and disgraced us to such and extend which I don’t have words to narrate.

    In violation of trust constitution I wonder why this person was behaving in such a rude manner using all pressure tactics of black mailing. Moreover, we used to receive threatening phone calls warning us that if we do not bow to their malicious demand our children would be abducted and be killed. In sheer hopelessness we had to comply with his demand.

    The person sitting at the helm of affairs of the trust demanded to obtain our signature on blank Bond Papers and then he would write whatever he deems fit. After disgracing us in the presence of outsiders, he also charged Rs. 2 lacs being the charges of taking away our respect, honor and dignity. Even then they were not satisfied and asked to bring our ladies in front of the outsider to humiliate us and satisfy their ego.

    Finally we were rendered homeless having not a single penny from the sale proceeds of our house. Eventually my mother fell ill and my sons’ and daughter names were struck-off from the school. Our house hold belongings were kept in godown. Our family took refuge with our relatives literally we were on the footpath. How strange it sounds that the . How strange it sounds that the “Homes providers have become home snatchers”.

    With heavy heart I can say that our house was sold by a mean person of this trust . Where the proceed of the house had gone ? God Knows the Best.

    In order to get compensation for the loss of our house and also have under gone 8 years of mental torture and turmoil and payment of heavy rent which is amounting to Rs.1 million. I finally decided to meet Mr. Amir Ali Patel and Mr. Hussain Ali Bhai Congowala who are the most senior and respectable persons of our community and higher authority of this trust. Even they are not paying any heed to my grievances . By virtue of their August office they could have called them and us in order to determine the facts.

    The bare fact is that my brother has sustained losses. How on earth they could snatch our house (partially financed from Zainabia Trust) and swallow whole proceed of the House which they have not legitimate rights to do.

    We have been treated worst than an animal and given a challenging life by the members of our own community who claim that they are the follower of Ahailul Bait and belong to Shia community and shame on all as they have crossed all limits of decency and how do they justify being human?

    I will send this letter to every members of our community, other Muslim community and non-Muslim community globally for Itmam-e-Hujjat After all we all are answerable to Almighty Allah.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Muhammad Raza


    CELL # +92-3129190323

    Copy to : Brother Hussain Ali Bhai Congowala ([email protected]); Brother Amir Ali Patel ([email protected]) ; Management Mehfil-e-Murtaza – Karachi ([email protected]),Secretary World Federation for forward to President of World Federation- UK

  74. Thank you great man! Rahbare azizam! Inshallah tanet hamishe salem bashe va sayat bala sare ma! Dooset darim agha joon, ey marde bozorg <3

  75. Salam to all. This letter simply gives any individual an open forum to research, discuss and attain vast knowledge about Islam in the 21st century. May you find clarity and substance at every step of the way. Ameen

  76. God save him
    God bless him
    Peace be upon him

  77. Muhammad Abubakar

    Alhadu lillah my Allah protect all muslim and islam

  78. Mohammed Shahriar Goffar

    May Allah grant us as a ummah to strive for the knowledge of the truth. Stay with what is Wright and stay away from the false. May Allah give Syed a long life. Alahuma sali ala Muhammad wa Alihi Muhammad


    May GOD bless you my Rehber e Moazzam….the world knows that the Jerusalem is going to be liberated by your hands under the command of IMAM E ZAMANA (A.S) LABBAIK KHAMENAI….LABBAIK KHURASANI

  80. Thank you , May God bless you with even more wisdom and salah allah ala Muhamed wa Ally Muhamed

  81. Dear Brothers & Sisters,
    Wilayat belongs to Imam ATFS only. Ayatollah Khamenei is an accomplished jurist.
    I think his opinions belong to the field of law and jurisprudence only
    and therefore we should not regard the great scholar as Imam. Yes, to the majority
    population this means leader (i’mam) however for us Shia this takes
    on, as you know, a greater importance (17:71-72). The laws are laws but the field
    of belief belongs and is defined exclusively by Ahlul Bayt AS. Does this make sense?

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