Ayatollah Sistani: What is Makrooh whilst fasting?

Certain things are Makrooh for a person observing fast, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Using eye-drops and applying Surma if its taste or smell reaches the throat.
  • Performing an act, which causes weakness, like blood-letting (extracting the blood from the body) or going for hot bath.
  • Inhaling a snuff if one is not aware that it might reach the throat; and if one is aware that it will reach the throat its use is not permissible.
  • Smelling fragrant herbs.
  • For women, to sit in the water.
  • Using suppository, that is, letting into rectum a stimulant for bowels.
  • Wetting the dress which one is wearing.
  • Getting a tooth extracted or doing something as a result of which there is bleeding in the mouth.
  • Cleaning the teeth with a wet toothbrush.
  • Putting water or any other liquid in the mouth without a good cause.
  • It is also Makrooh for a fasting person to court or woo his wife without the intention of ejaculation; or to do something which excites him sexually. And if he does it with the intention of ejaculation, and no ejaculation takes place, his fast, as an obligatory precaution, will be deemed void

[These rulings apply to followers of Ayatollah Sayed Sistani]

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