Bahrain: The Yearnings of an Oppressed Nation

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) released a statement stressing the need for unity and vigilance to confront the challenges affecting the Ummah. AIM stressed that there is today a grave responsibility on our shoulders toward the oppressed people of Bahrain, as well as the uprising nations across the Ummah including Yemen and Libya.

In His Name the Most High
The Islamic Ummah finds itself today in the vortex of grave trials and tribulations. Faced with ever widening fault lines between believing peoples who desire a life of dignity, and oppressive rulers who have sold the honour of their nations to arrogant powers, the flaring up of different flashpoints across the Middle East has brought in its wake horrible massacres and enduring agonies.
In Yemen and Libya, the tyrannical regimes of Ali Abdallah Saleh and Muammar Gaddafi have brutally cracked down on uprisings resulting in thousands of deaths. In Bahrain, the merciless violence perpetrated by a state-sponsored mercenary force against peaceful protesters has been followed up with the invasion of armed forces from certain Gulf countries – particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – in a bid to silence the just demands of defenceless protesters. This shameful action undertaken by the Saudi Kingdom beckons even greater hardships for this troubled Ummah, and serves to multiply the nature of threats directly affecting Muslims throughout the entire globe.
For decades now, the honourable peoples of Bahrain have demanded a fairer system of rule in which social, economic and political opportunities are equally shared out between the citizenry. These demands have been echoed virtually word for
word across the entire Middle East in recent months; a strong testament to both the prevalence of defunct leaderships that have monopolised the reigns of power in the Muslim world, as well as the universal nature of the demands of protesters which go beyond sectarian or confined geographical boundaries. The resort to violence that has woven an ignonimous thread uniting the despotic leaderships within the region has proven beyond all doubt that the goals of the present rulers stand in total opposition to those held by freedom and dignity-seeking peoples. The shameless crimes and massacres committed by the region’s tyrants and their silent patrons will remain an emblem of eternal shame throughout history.
Furthermore, the present tribulations have underlined to the Muslim world and to all fair nations and free peoples that the imperial powers stand at the very heart of the region’s problems. It is especially during such periods of trial that the Ummah is able to truly identify those who stand in opposition to its real interests. Recent weeks have demonstrated once again that despite brandishing novel slogans of freedom and democracy, leading western powers are in fact the prime supporters of the most brutal dictatorships as part of their hegemonic agendas for the region. Having designated the Kingdom of Bahrain as a Major Non-NATO Ally, the Al-Khalifa regime has been the recipient of the most modern, hi-tech weaponry from the United States and its cohorts; armaments which have been in turn directed at innocent and defenceless protesters. The deafening silence that has reverberated across the corridors of power in the western world is no coincidence. The lack of reaction to the Saudi invasion of Bahrain is similarly instructive.
Signifying the most recent ploy aimed at stoking sectarian turmoil, the Saudi invasion of Bahrain has predictably been met with a reenergised sectarian discourse in news feeds and commentaries. At this crucial juncture, AIM reiterates the messages and warnings of the Maraje’ and leading scholars of Bahrain: the present crisis in Bahrain is not sectarian. In fact, it is the despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, as well as divisive elements within the Ummah, that are actively seeking to portray the happenings in this light. During sensitive phases such as the present, Muslims must remain vigilant and stand united against the plots of those who desire to divide the Ummah and prolong its subservience to the interests of rogue rulers and oppressors.
It is eminently clear that both the declared and hidden motives of the Saudi invasion of Bahrain are doomed to failure. Deposed tyrants such as Hosni Mubarak were evicted from their seats in utter humiliation despite attempts to salvage
their sinking thrones by fanning sectarian divisions and through the use of barbaric violence. This is a norm that will continue to be repeated should oppressive rulers persist with similar strategies.
The expressions of unwavering faith and bold readiness to sacrifice all that is most dear have overpowered all the exploitative equations conjured for the region. The honourable peoples of the uprising nations have condemned the murderous policies of decrepit dictators and their supporters to irreversible failure through their resolve and steadfastness. The present reality in turn generates a strong sense of responsibility on the shoulders of Muslims throughout the globe to stand united and commit their efforts to the service of this great Awakening.
In the end, we make an appeal for one and all to stand in solidarity with the peoples of Bahrain and all oppressed nations against brutal tyrants whose time has come to an end. We send our salutations to the martyrs who have fallen across the Muslim world and to their families. As an inseparable part of the Islamic Ummah and this Awakening, we stand in solidarity with the oppressed nations. We plead to the Almighty to make firm the steps of the believing peoples, and to endow us with vision and wisdom so that we may proceed toward the promised shores of safety. We pray to the Almighty to hasten in the
reappearance of the promised one; the destroyer of the oppressors and the saviour of the oppressed, Imam Al-Mahdi (atf). Surely He is All-Hearing, and quick to respond.
Wa min Allah Al-Tawfiq.
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)
22 March 2011
19 Rabi Al-Thani 1432

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