Casual Whisperings: In Case I Fail To Connect With You In These Special Nights

Oh Allah, I hope to stand tonight, fully-connected to You, but I know it won’t happen as I imagine it. The precious hours are short, my attention deviant and my fatigue overcomes me. So Ya Allah, accept this plea from me, extend the hours of these precious Nights to fall into the days, so I may connect with You in the everyday things I do best.
I wish to make the Perfect Pitch, but I may fail to convey passionately my case. Sure, I will stay up the night listening to, reading and endlessly yawning through Dua e Makarimul Akhlaq, Kumayl, Jawshan Kabeer and Abu Hamza Thamali. But I don’t know that I’ll find match sticks strong enough to keep my mind, heart and soul open.
Therefore, O My Rabb! Forgive my shortcomings tonight. My idle but wandering mind is used to planning lots of things at the same time. My two eyes that also live at the back of my head get distracted with every little that goes on. And my hearing picks up the tiniest of sounds, sometimes even before they can be heard.
So I’ll ask my Hajaats to You starting in the day and the following day, in the little usual things that I do. The things for which you’ve placed Jannah under my feet. So hear me O Master. Accept my casual whisperings with sincerity and genuineness. Grant us the best of what YOU give out in these nights. Ya Samiu Ya Mujeeb!
When they wake up with a smile and greet ‘Salaam’, therefore, Ya Muhyyi! Please, wake me up on the day of resurrection with a smile, greet me with Salaam (Peace), hug me with Your Forgiveness and kiss me with Your Mercy.
They look so pure when they wake up, faces full of Nur and pyjamas all crumpled up, therefore, wake me with a covering on my body, Ya Sattaru! and make my face shine brightly reflecting that You are pleased with me. Ya Sari’ar Ridha!
When I feed them breakfast, therefore, Ya Razzaq! I thank YOU for all that You have provided and continue to Provide, out of Mercy and Magnanimity. Do not cut off our (friends and family too) Halaal provisions due to our ungratefulness. Continue to provide us and let the need to earn not keep us away from Your worship. Ya Ghaniyyu! Ya Mughni! Ya Mani! Ya Barr!
When I brush their teeth, therefore, Ya Ghaffar! Brush away my sins, remove them and make me pure as the day I was born. All of them. Small ones and big ones. Ones done secretly and openly, knowingly and unknowingly. Ya Affuwwu! Ya Tawwabu! Ya Khairal Ghafireen!
As I dress them up, therefore, Ya Sattaral Uyyub! cover and hide my sins, shortcomings and vices. Continue to sheath me with Your Divine covering. Do not exalt me outwards even to one degree if Thou has not abasest my soul to an equal amount. Ya Dhul Jalaali Wal Ikraam!
As I sit and watch them play, therefore, Ya Raqeeb! watch me constantly. Remind me of Your Pleasure and Your Wrath. Safeguard me from sins. Avert dangers, harm, misfortunes, adversities, oppression and evil away from me, my family, my friends, my neighbours, my community and the humanity. Ya Maalikul Mulk!
As I teach them about You, the Holy Qur’an, Your Prophets and the Chosen Ahlul Bayt, therefore, Ya Hadee! Continue to guide us on your path and shower us with Wisdom that is useful, Knowledge without power and an Intellect that is humble. Continue to increase our Ilm, and our children’s Ilm. Make them successful and let their Ilm be of assistance to our longingly-Awaited Imam (atf) when he reappears.
As I make paper plate angels with them today and teach them about Laylatul Qadr (A night better than a thousand months), Ya Khaalikal Malaaikati War Ruh, send down mercy onto our house in form of angels so pure, that are close to you, so they may transfer their goodness and pray for us, through this night and through the year until the next Laylatul Qadr.
When I model their behaviour and ask them to be polite, therefore, Ya Musawwiru, fashion and mould me with utmost good character, grant me humbleness, remove Riyaah from me and give me lenience of speech and a character that You are pleased with. Help my actions serve my family and community. Enable me to make a difference. Ya Dhul Jalaal Wal Ikram!
When they obey my requests and conduct little tasks for me with a smile, therefore, Ya Rabb, help me in serving my parents now and when they grow old. Help me to nourish them without complaints just as they did when I was needy, dependent and helpless. Please Ya Allah! Ease our separation, Ya Rabb! Ya Mawla! Ya Mumeet! And reunite us all close to your Mercy in Jannah, Ya Jamiu!
When they say ‘thank you’ for little things, therefore, Ya Shakuru! I thank YOU from the bottom from my heart for ALL your blessings, but I know I can never thank You enough. Remind me to thank You in days of neglect and moments of happiness. Prevent me to just raise my hands to You in hours of need. Igfirl liman La Yakun Illad Dua!
When I ask them to share things, therefore, Ya Muqsit! make me just in my actions. Soften my heart to always share our provisions with others, to help clothe and feed the orphans, give enough to the needy and provide to the poor. Ya Nafi! Do not let Satan ruin my actions with reproaches.
When they call upon me for something and I spring up to answer them, therefore, Ya Mujeeb, just as You have been answering my calls, my pleas and requests, hearing my every little moan, continue to listen. Let not my sins prevent my meek voice in reaching to you. Remind me. Inspire me to spring up to my Wajibaats on time, Ya Qadir.
And when I finally put them to sleep, trusting them into Your Hands, therefore, Ya Shaheedu stay with me at all times, keep Satan away from me, keep me guided onto the right path, path that is shown by Your chosen ones. Keep me safe, engulfed in your mercy, in your remembrance, so I may live my days occupied in Your Love and dream of the Day I get to live closer to YOU…
Rabbib Li Indaka Baytan Fil Jannah.
Inna takabbal Minna Innaka Antas Samiul Aleem.

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