Faith & Beliefs

The Scholarly Jihad of the Imams – 95 to 148 A.H.

The period under discussion (95-148 A.H /712-765 A.D.) began and ended in the times of the fifth and sixth Imams. The persecutions of the Shi’is continued unabated from Mu’awiya’s time to almost the very last days of the Umayyads, although this dynasty in its latter days was considerably weakened by …

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Jihad and Shahadat

Instead of war and killing, Islam has offered the concept of jihad. The term jihad is always attached to the locution ‘fi sabil Allah’ (in the way of God). What is the way of God? Which direction is it? Is it toward the heavens, toward Mecca, or toward Jerusalem? No. …

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Islam for Beginners

Islam is the last Divine religion and as such, must rationally and practically be the most comprehensive and complete religion. There is no religion as comprehensive as Islam. It has answers to all the various questions that man encounters, directly or indirectly, from the first moments of life, rather, from …

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