Faith & Beliefs

Introduction to Islam

Islam is the modern or latest version of the message sent by God through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Islam was sent to mankind through Prophet Muhammad. Islam is "modern" in the sense that it has come to complement the teachings which were introduced through Moses and Jesus.

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Islamic Teachings in Brief

Islam means the active submission to the one God. It is strictly a monotheistic religion since it restricts worship to the one supreme Lord who is the Originator and Creator of the universe. Peace (the root from which the word Islam is derived) is attained through complete obedience to the …

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About Allah

The concept of God (Allah) in Islam is enunciated by God Himself in His revelation, the Holy Qur’an. It is expanded upon by the Final Prophet of God, Muhammad [peace upon him and his household] and further clarified by the successor to the Prophet, the Imam Ali.

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The Day of Resurrection

The Holy Qur’an teaches us that on the Day of Resurrection, after our bodies have decayed and decomposed, the Al-Mighty Allah will not only reassemble our bones but even our very fingertips will be reconstructed, with their unique prints. It is easy for Allah.

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What does Islam say about …

Today, Islam is coming under increasing spotlight from all the four corners of the globe and its views on matters such as Abortion, Terrorism, Parenthood and others are often points of interest. This short piece looks to surmise the Islamic view on the various topics by quoting verses from the …

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