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Shaykh Mansour Leghaei: The Benefits of Fasting

1) Physical Healing It is quoted from the Prophet of Islam to have said: “Fast, you’ll be healthy”. An Egyptian pyramid inscription in 3800B.C also reads: “Humans live on one-quarter of what they eat; on the three-quarters live their doctor!” The three fathers of Western Medicine; (Hippocrates, Galen & Paracelsus) …

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Imam Khomeini: The role of the Family (Part 1)

The serious attention accorded all dimensions of family life by Islam The laws of the shari‘a embrace a diverse body of laws and regulations, which amounts to a complete social system. In this system of laws, all the needs of man have been met: his dealings with his neighbours, fellow …

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Pregnancy: A Divine Journey

Positive. Two little lines, a plus sign; even clearer is the writing on the wall, “PREGNANT.” Pregnancy is a time of great change – mind, body, and soul. Most begin this journey with the usual motions of doctors visits, blood tests and other routine medical check ups. We are inundated …

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Islamic propagation in the age of new media

Abstract This article will argue that new media creates more of an opportunity for Islamic communities to carry out propagation through more than what is known as traditional media. Firstly, it will shed light on traditional media and how it makes propagation of true Islam difficult. Secondly, it will introduce …

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Reading: the habit of the free

There was a time when lack of literacy and education among the people made them defenseless in the face of deceit and manipulation by those few who had access to advanced levels of intellectual polemic. Using information and sophisticated rhetoric as a weapon, select groups could, in some cases, direct …

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