AIM believes Islam is a source of enlightenment that provides the most perfect solutions to the challenges confronting humanity. It is our belief that the school of the AhlulBayt (as) represents the true and most pristine form of Islam. In light of this worldview, we uphold that a bright future has been promised for humanity, which will be realised by the promised saviour Imam Al-Mahdi (aj).

AIM strives to empower the Shia community and wider Ummah at large. In this respect, AIM disseminates a universal outlook with regards to Islamic thought and practise. We firmly believe that a comprehensive understanding of Islam is the foundation of a strong and self-aware community. At AIM, we thus focus on empowerment through education and critical self-awareness.

The Ummah
The Qur’anic declaration “Surely this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah, and I am your Lord, therefore serve Me” (21:92) informs the Mission’s outlook towards the Ummah. AIM views itself as an inseparable part of the collective Islamic Society, and seeks to strengthen these ties of unity and brotherhood. The Mission thus focuses on raising awareness on the situational context of the Ummah, its challenges and aspirations.

Healthy coexistence with different ideologies and faith groups has deep roots in the Islamic tradition. Inspired by this proud heritage, the AIM continually seeks to create opportunities for dialogue and respectful discourse. AIM’s orientation fits within the overall objective of fostering a positive and healthy Islamic presence in the different arenas.

During the period of the occultation, one of the most prominent themes is that of shouldering responsibility. In this context, AIM is strongly influenced by this central sense of responsibility, and believes that we shall stand accountable for how we regard the legacy of the Holy Prophet (saw) and his AhlulBayt (as). In preparing for the return of the Mahdi (aj), AIM places emphasis on constructive action guided by sincerity, integrity and the Divine values.