Condemnation of defamatory personalities and organisations


In His Name, the Most High,

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) denounces activities that slander, dishonour or insult the wives and companions of the Holy Prophet [peace be upon him and his family] who are revered by our Sunni brothers and sisters.

We believe that such actions are executed in service of the enemies of Islam who wish to exploit sensitivities and incite sectarianism amongst Muslims.

In this regard, the Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has issued a clear verdict stating:

It is not permissible to undermine the symbols of our Sunni brothers and moreso it is not permissible to accuse the wife of the Prophet [peace be upon him and his family] in what would dishonour her. This is something not permissible for all prophets including their master the Holy Messenger [peace be upon him and his family].

In light of this, AIM feels obliged to warn the community of personalities and organisations that intentionally take advantage of religious symbols in order to provoke tension and hostility, all the while neglecting the major challenges that face the Ummah.

AIM believes such activity to be contrary to the teachings of the Prophet [peace be upon him and his family] and the Imams [peace be upon them] and calls on all believers to undertake the utmost of vigilance in this matter.

Wa Min Allah Al-Tawfiq.

Wasalaamu Alaikum

AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)
19th Ramadhan 1433 / 7th August 2012




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  1. Salaam – i am confused, to whom are you alluding too? this is not a helpful release in my eyes. My sincere hope is that you are not trying to casuse discord with our fellow Shia in trying to appease those who cause hurt to our Holy Prophet and his Holy Progeny (AS).

    Salaams and Duas

  2. Bismillah

    AsSalaamu Alaikum,

    AlHamdulilah for propagating and educating the message of our leader Ayatollah Khameini. A Shia is a follower of the true message of the Alhul Bayt over their desires or preconceptions. With research it should be fairly obvious what the priority is in dealing with our brothers and sisters in Islam and that is what Ayatollah Khameini stated as well as this accurate message.

  3. Salamunalaikum,

    I too am confused at what you are trying to achieve here. Are you trying to cause “tension and hostility” between the Shia internally as long as you keep other groups happy?!

    Sayed Khamenaei’s statement is very clear, but we are not undermining or accusing anyone of something by speaking out the truth and performing amr bil-ma’ruf!!!!!!


  4. With all due respect to the Sayed and this medium – this is just going cause fitna amongst your own brothers.

    “It is not permissible to undermine the symbols of our Sunni Brothers” – Are you serious?

    Most muslims consider Yazeed to be a muslim in the catergory of Sahaba, Tabaeen or even Taba Tabaeen – should we compromise on this too? He is a huge symbol for the likes of some of our brothers.

    By all means – there is no room in Islam or specifically Shia Islam to insult or use foul language for anyone as a matter of manners and ettiquetes but your piece suggests compromise to the extent of hiding the truth – and I dont beleive that this will be well received.

    I appreciate the work you are doing – but those with power have a higer responsabiity towards their brethren and should think about repercussions.

    There was no need for this.

  5. Thank you to AIM for this and for all the hard work you do.
    Its about time people said something about the stupidity of some people who simply have no akhlaq and do not represent the school of ahlulbayt (sa) in their behaviour.

  6. The people confused should look around and smell the coffee. Seriously, all this and you’re still confused????

    I’ve criticised Shias for not being outspoken on this. Finally something is being said against the nut jobs who are harming the image of Islam and Shia.

    I dont think anyone is against cursing but what I am against is slander, disrespect, foul and abusive language that is meant to a reaction from the Sunnis. And what kind of reaction do you think that is?

    Pakistani… Syria… Iraq… Bahrain… Qatif…

    Wake up people.

  7. Yaser al Habib, Mojtaba Shirazi and their cronies have blood on their hands.

    For the love of Allah and the Ahl al Bait (a) please WAKE UP!

  8. Salam Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    May Allah strengthen the back of those who are willing to come out and support statements like these.

    Those who speak about statements like these creating disunity amongst our own Shia brothers should know that statemetns like these are responsible for SAVING the lives of our Shia bretheren in places like Pakistan. When you have had friends and family tortured, beheaded and than the blessed heads of those martyrs bieng sprayed with acid so thier identity would not be known, then you come to realize we do not give two hoots about “shia brothers bieng upset” when on the other we are saving lives.

  9. zaheer Abbas Jaffri

    Salaam un alikum people who are against this statement they are just lovers of ahle baits but the people who have given this statements are people who want to love and follow the imams , please for god sake la-an doesn’t mean using bad words , La-an is a laser guided missile which will hit its target you just give la-an to the bad characteristics of the person, our imam have not thought us the way some so called lovers of imams do act in this la-an activity

  10. This is great. Leader means the one who leads. If the leader is saying we shouldn’t do something then we shouldn’t, even if we disagree. This is the concept of Imamah & Willayah. Complete obedience and if we do anything other than that, we will cause Fitnah.

  11. Samir Al-Haidari

    Imam Al-Sadiq (as) says the following:
    “Do not insult the enemies of Allah, lest they hear you and insult Allah as an enemy without knowledge. It should be known to you to what extent do they insult Allah. It is by insulting the friends of Allah that they violate and insult Allah. And who is more oppressive in the eyes of Allah, than the person who insults Allah or the friends of Allah. So take heed in following the command of Allah, for there is no power but from Allah.” Al-Kafi, Volume 8, Page 7-8.

    وإياكم وسب أعداء الله حيث يسمعونكم فيسبوا الله عدوا بغير علم وقد ينبغي لكم أن تعلموا حد سبهم لله كيف هو؟ إنه من سب أولياء الله فقد انتهك سب الله ومن أظلم عند الله ممن أستسب لله ولأولياء الله، فمهلا مهلا فاتبعوا أمر الله ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله.

  12. If you like sweets and you have diabetes, no matter how much fees the doctor will charge but he will never allow you to have anything sweet, and you will follow him, taqleed means following, any form of following means taqleed, a leader who is also a mujtahid is far more better then a doctor, just because he is not charging any fees to guide us, we do not value him properly by opposing this fatwa. You will surely not know what is better for the ummah as he knows, he sees the condition of Muslims globally and then gives any fatwa, unlike people like us. May Allah give us true guidance to follow the leader correctly.

  13. I really dont knowwhether shia/sunni are prepared to forgive eachother.Otherwise we might aswell leave it to Imam Mahdi.Even so we will be judged by our actions.Why can we not grow up and give up anmosity ,after all the day of judgement is there to come.

  14. Bro. Nisar, we will never give up animosity. Having hatred towards all that is bad is our religious duty, for you can never love something, without hating that which is against it. However, the point here is EXPRESSION of your hatred, we should express how the ma’sumeen expressed it. Every act they did was a slap on the face of the enemies of Islam, not something which appeased and worked in favour of the enemies of Islam. Anyways, here is a small poem which is quite interesting..

    I don’t believe in flawed concepts such as love for all and hatred for none
    They are made to deceive and leave us standing deaf, blind and dumb
    You see you cannot love a lover and then love those that hate them
    Or love the freedoms you have and then love those that take them
    If there is a flame of life then the fuel is made up of love
    But it’s the hate for darkness that keeps it burning above
    Love for despots, dictators, let them have their own fun,
    That’s what’s preached by having love for all and hatred for none
    I refuse to treat the killer the same way as the killed
    Or the poverty stricken with those that are living filled
    If I am going to love Allah then Shaytan is always the enemy
    Who can love all that is good and against bad hold no enmity
    This makes up the principle of what we know as hypocrisy
    Pumped by those helping dictators, yet preaching democracy
    Love thy enemy or at least silence at the bad they have done
    That’s what’s preached by having love for all and hatred for none

  15. Mohammed Shakarchi

    Thank you for the statement.

  16. Salaam Alaikum.
    Tabarra is a part of our Furu e Deen and how can we not do it? The way of doing it is ofcourse a matter of responsibility. I personally can never have even the slightest bit of respect for the ones who wronged the Holy Prophet(pbuh & hp) and his Holy Progeny(as), snatched their rights and spoilt the name of Islam. With all due respect to Ayatollah Khamenei, I feel that he has issued the above mentioned fatwa for various reasons which can be understood if we ponder a lil bit.
    If you recite Ziarat e Ashura, we take names of the ‘cursed’ and send la’anat on them. Dua e Sanam e Quraish is also an authentic dua which consists la’anat on the enemies of our Ahlulbayt(as).
    Tabarra is especially important to teach our youth what is right and what is wrong so that they do not get overwhelmed by the false images of the wrong people.
    Sacrifice runs in the veins of us Shias!
    Everything, if done the way it should be, has good results.


  17. The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) has been informed of an alarming incident that took place on the evening of Tuesday 14th August 2012 at an event organised by ‘Khodam Al Mohsen ibn Ali’ in which his Eminence, the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei was cursed in a lecture. AIM condemns all groups and individuals who indulge in cursing and doing takfir of our great scholars and religious authorities; and calls on everyone to undertake the utmost of discipline and vigilance in these testing times. AIM is confident in the conscious spirit of our community to uproot such evil and believe that it is today everyones responsibility to silence this rhetoric that is sowing division amongst Muslims.

  18. Mohammad Sallabi


  19. In these extremely dangerous circumstances for all the Shias, whether they are the muqallideen of Ayatullah Khamenaei or not; to curse a personality who is followed and respected by hundreds of millions of Shias, can only please the arch-enemies of Islam. Most of the Shias being massacred in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places may not even be the muqallideen of Ayatullah Khamenaei; but they are facing ethnic cleansing simply because they are Shias. What are these people who indulge in cursing the Maraja’ and using filthy and defamatory expressions against the wife of the Prophet doing to campaign for the Shias who are being killed in cold-blood? What have they done to save these innocent people who are being killed every single day in Pakistan and Iraq? The filth they express in their gatherings reflects the immoral levels to which they have fallen. The Shias of Ali a.s. are the men of bravery and integrity. Even the performance of Tabarra, which is part of Furu al-Deen has got its own etiquette and ethics. The Imams have never allowed their followers to go out of limits and behave as a bunch of lunatics. Those who use filthy language against the wife of the Prophet are miles away from the etiquette of Ahl-ul-bayt. They may even have been implanted to cause discord and fitna among the followers of Ahl-ul-bayt a.s. Before they face their Lord and His blessed Messenger, they have to reconsider their position.

    What if their own mother has committed Zina (na’uzo billah), would they like their mother being defamed and publicly insulted with dirty and defamatory words? Any action or expression or words that cross the limits and are likely to damage the immaculate teachings and tarbiyyah that the Imams have given to their Shias, is not the action of somebody who claims to follow the Ahl-ul-Bayt. But it is the characteristic of those who fought Ahl-ul-Bayt.

    The videos which are being posted on youtube without any iota of foresight that they are endangering the lives of innocent Shias, can never be the acts of the followers of Ahl-ul-Bayt. If they feel very strongly about the abusive policies they have adopted, then why don’t they send their own children to express their malice in the territories where innocent Shias are paying the price in Pakistan, and lead by example, and not by noises only.

    Their irresponsible abusive gestures and curses against Ayatullah Khamenaei, which has been continuing in London for several years, is another case of total lack of foresigt. There are many people who do not agree with their own Marja’yyah. What happens if they retaliate and start cursing their Marja’ (ma’azallah)in public? Where would the line be drawn? Please do not play into the hands of the enemies of Islam, who have not spared even the most revered personality of the Messenger of Allah (saww) from insults and abuses.

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