Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

AIM is launching this emergency appeal to provide urgent support to those immediately affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

The situation is dire and we need immediate financial assistance to support those working tirelessly on the ground to provide much needed food and essential supplies to the needy.

We as Muslims must do our best to act now and to help those around us in need of assistance, both within our community and the society at large.

The most vulnerable in our society are the elderly, those with illnesses and single parents who can’t get out of the house. With a quarantine being imposed in most parts of the world, many people are unable to work and don’t have enough money to buy food and essentials.

The money raised will be given to those working tirelessly on the ground in the United Kingdom and further afield to make sure our communities and our neighbours are able to deal with the crisis that is unfolding.

This is a global pandemic that needs everyone to work together and work as one because that is what humanity is all about.

Please support the cause as best you can and spread the word.

With regards,

Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM)