Discussion with Jon Snow: Muslims and the Western Media

Political journalist, Jon Snow attended a discussion on Tuesday 22nd June with a group of Muslims in regards to the media and the Muslim representation within it. It came at a critical time which has seen the shooting of an innocent Muslim by the British police in London.

The Channel 4 production team filmed the discussion as part of a documentary that will go to air in the near future covering issues relating to the identity of British Muslims.

The discussion itself focused mainly around the representation of Muslims in the media and how the gap between British Muslims and the Western society can be shortened. Jon emphasised on integration and engagement of the Muslims in areas such as politics and media; and felt it was a way forward in achieving a more tolerant British community.

When asked about his views on Iran, Jon replied: “Iran is a wonderful place and I’ve had the opportunity to visit on numerous occasions. To one side it sees an unstable leadership in the state of Pakistan and in the other (Iraq) it sees the spoils of war”.

Jon Snow recently reported from Iran for a week as part of the daily Channel Four news. His team worked alongside the state television broadcasting company IRIB in order to bring unprecedented access to all cities in Iran – something that had not occurred since the time of the Shah.

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