Hijab: A single word which has become enough to cause controversy, havoc and an eruption of emotions within us.

Event: Why Hijab?

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) is proud to present AIM Platform, a regular topical event covering a mix of contemporary and traditional issues that matter. On Saturday 19th May 2012, the AIM Platform hosted Sheikh Mirza Abbas who covered the issue of the importance of Hijab and the challenges of Muslim women in the modern age.






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  1. Great seminar, the sheikh really provided a view on hijab that i havent heard before and has made me think about my own hijab, my intentions and how i could improve it. The sheikh got us all thinking about the spiritual side of hijab and how it helps us to connect with our creator. Well done.

  2. Salaamun alaykum. Thank you for this very useful seminar. Insha-Allah there will be many more on different topics. As there may be viewers who do not understand Arabic could you please remember to translate into English such terms as ‘dhikr da’im’,’batin’, ‘Jalal wa Jamal’, ‘ma’arifah’, ‘hukm’ and so on. Once again, thank you and may Allah swt reward you all and increase your success in all your efforts. Wasalaamun alaykum.

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