Fundraiser for Muslim Community in Myanmar

We have started a fundraiser for the Muslim Community in Myanmar.

We have set a target of £3000 which would be our humble contribution to this community.

The money will go towards the following:

  • The Community in Myanmar do not have any Ahkam book in their language, so we would like to put £1000 towards translating and making available such a publication.
  • There are a number of Muslim families that live in poverty and are in need of financial support. Helping such a family would cost approximately £50 per month.
  • To provide transport, accommodation and hadiya for scholars to work in Myanmar and do tabligh in that region would cost approximately £300 per scholar per month.

All proceeds will be given to the Anjumane Hazrate Fatima Masooma (as) which is an organisation in Myanmar connected to Shaykh Myo Khaing Soe.

Thank you for your contributions and may Allah reward you for your support.


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