Fundraiser for Shia Muslim Community in the Caribbean

AIM is fundraising for the Inspire Project which is an organisation led by Shaykh Mohammad Zakaria to provide educational services for the Muslim community in the Caribbean.

Details are below:

What we do

The Inspire project provides educational opportunities for the  Muslim communities in the Caribbean, either via its weekly or summer educational programs, offering intensive residential study in the following fields: Functional skills training (English, Maths, and ICT) Arabic language and Islamic studies, Mentor training, and Islamic counselling courses.

Interfaith activities

We are active in interfaith dialogue within the Caribbean, as we understand that where there is constructive and meaningful dialogue amongst different faith communities. It leads to an understanding and mutual community cooperation. Leading to a strengthening of wider Caribbean society at all levels.

Our interaction with Muslim youth

We believe that investment in the Muslim youth of the communities in the Caribbean is a crucial aspect of stabilising and strengthening the Muslim presence in the Caribbean. Via our youth mentoring project, we aim to provide a service to our which exposes them to a range of professionals and community activists, who are able to act as long-term mentors.

Our Islamic commitment to the women of our community

The Inspire project is active in securing the rights of women within the Muslim communities in the Caribbean; it believes that by providing services to women which assist them in empowering themselves. The Muslim communities will be better placed to meet the challenges of contemporary Caribbean society. From micro-loans, which aid in business startups, skills training, to the provision of women and child secure housing, the Inspire project is dedicated to securing the rights and the position which Islam gives to women in society.

The Zaynabiyyah Educational Resource Center 

The Inspire project aims to open an educational resource center on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, situated in the Eastern region of the Caribbean. The resource center whilst catering for the local Muslim community will also contain a wide range of learning resources accessed by the local student population. Such as sate of the art computers, reference material for medical, education and engineering students attending the University of the West Indies, which is no more than ten minutes away.

The center will offer a tuition service for students studying for the CXC examination (equivalent to the GCSE qualification) and those taking their A ‘Levels, the center will specialise in providing numeracy, literacy and ICT resources at both levels of study.

With a keen eye on sustainability, the center will provide a photocopying and binding service at competitive prices for the local student population, along with charging a reasonable fee for two hours of access.

Help us acquire the resources to make the project a reality and a continued success!

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