How Can One Defeat Laziness?

Question: Most youth suffer from idleness, which is the source of corruption, melancholy, and boredom. What is the way to get out of this impasse?
The answer:
The case, in its first point, is connected with the economic state of countries and this is not in our hands. As for the remaining points, they are connected with the culture of the youth. In this concern, we say:
1. Everything can be subjected to man’s will if he only knows how to do that.
2. The youth have to create opportunities of work by themselves to the extent that the law will permit them. This requires them to be acquainted with the law.
3. The youth have to reject laziness, extra sleeping, and living based on their desires.
4. They have to know the disadvantages of idleness and leisure for they bring man meanness, cause him to become involved in unlawful things, and lead him to failure in life.
5. A young man should know that life is a responsibility. First, he should be responsible for himself and then for his close relatives.
6. Man should be humble and not disdain to accept a lawful job with the excuse that it is an ordinary job or it does no befit his position or rank. Many are the people who have become wealthy whereas they were poor at the beginning of their lives; and many are the people who have become presidents and high chiefs whereas their beginnings were simple.
7. Creativity is a quality of successful people. Let the youth try to create jobs by which they will be prosperous and live well.
8. Thinking, reading, activeness, joyful spirit, optimism, satisfaction, supplication, and praying are among the main qualities that prepare for opportunities of work and then free time will be occupied and idleness will be treated.

Source: For a Better Future

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