Imam Al-Mahdi, the Promised Saviour

The belief in the Mahdi is not only an essential doctrine deep-rooted in Islamic faith but rather it is an embodiment of human nature

The belief in the Mahdi is not only an essential doctrine deep-rooted in Islamic faith but rather it is an embodiment of human nature regardless of one’s religious affiliations. For it is the universal desire of humans as a whole to try to achieve or at least witness the realisation of the ultimate objective of their existence, through which they will achieve perfection and social happiness in their entirety. Therefore by reason of inner necessity and inspiration, humans will see a day when society will be replete with justice.
More importantly, from a religious perspective the concept of the Mahdi is the culmination of human struggle in their path towards God the Almighty. It is when true Justice will be established through human hands but with Divine succour resulting in the prevalence of truth over falsehood and all its offshoots.
Certainly those fortunate and blessed individuals who will take part in this grand culmination of servitude, which will result in the prevalence of Truth over all forms of falsehood will be those whose conviction in the Mahdi and the promised day is resolute.
We therefore have to be mindful of what we do and should endeavour in making our souls pure by nourishing them with the Divine light thus making our souls the abode for Allah and his beloved angels. Spiritual perfection should be our goal and if there is any doubt as to whether the Imam is aware of our acts and is overlooking the welfare of his followers, a saying by the Imam should suffice;
‘We have not ignored your consideration, and have not forgotten your mention; otherwise hardship would have descended upon you and your enemies would have exterminated you.’ [Bihar Al-Anwaar, Ch. 53, Pg. 175]
The Imam is therefore watching over our affairs and is patiently awaiting our response to his call. The matter regarding the return of the Imam is not one simply related to awaiting a time frame chosen by the Almighty Allah, rather in accordance to the narration from the Prophet (SAW), it has a direct relationship with our own actions, as he says;
‘The best of actions is awaiting Al-Faraj (the return)’
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