Key Stage 3 & GCSE Tuition Classes

We provide online group classes that come with a combination of experience and professional tutors, a range of subjects to choose from, and affordable prices. 

We will cover key topics as well as address individual learning needs of students. 

Lessons take place online and are hourly group classes, held once a week for a duration of 3 terms. Each term runs for 13 weeks and consists of Autumn, Spring and Summer. Our terms usually start in September, January and May, so when you enrol, you’ll be starting at the beginning of the new term.

Our tutors are professional and kind in their approach, with a passion to help students succeed.

The first session will consist of an assessment, so that the study plan is catered best to your needs.

We are currently running sessions on the following dates. Once the group is fully booked, we will open a new class and inform you of the dates.


Maths – Tuesdays 6pm

English – Mondays 6pm

Science – Wednesdays 6pm


Maths – Sundays 2pm

English – Mondays 7pm

Chemistry – Tuesdays 7pm

Biology – Saturdays 2pm

Physics – Wednesdays 7pm

Hourly Fee per Subject: £10 

Our Discounts

We offer special discounts for those who need help with more than one subject. 

2 Subjects 10% off

3 Subjects 15% off

4-5 Subjects 20% off

Please contact +447932071626 for more information.

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