Lady Fatima, the Night of Power

Lady Fatima, the Night of Power
Lady Fatima, one of the purest of women in all of the earth
Little will we ever know about her true worth
The Prophet (pbuh) called her Umme Abiha, the mother of her father not any ordinary father, a father who got closer than any other to his Creator
so, how well do u think u know her?
she’s like the night of power, laylatul qadr
the unknown treasure that is greater than alfi shahr
whose blessings rein down on believers till the time of fajr
one night in the year, hidden from plain sight
like her grave, still a secret, filled with heavenly light
we may not have a shrine to pay her a visit
but listen, her shrine is in our very spirit
I bear witness, the Lady Fatima,
The lady whose light shines so bright
Time is no barrier to her glowing light
She’s greater than u can imagine
Greater than u can fathom
Greater than these words spoken from a sinning servant
Lady Fatima, will u grant us your intercession?
For the sake of your unborn child who was crushed behind the door
struck by the tyrants as you lay there on the floor
A great oppression that is yet to be answered for
A great oppression for which many tears will continually pour
I heard the narration from your father,
Where he narrates that you will enter the mahshar
And those who loved you will be asked to come forward
With lowered gazes will I crawl to your light
From miles behind those who gave up their lives to fight for what is right the martyrs who fought on the front lines,
with your name in their hearts enshrined
Lady Fatima the gracious
Lady Fatima the veracious
Lady Fatima the purified
Lady Fatima the glorified
Lady Fatima Zahra, al Batoul, at-Tahirah
Lady Fatima, the martyr of wilayah
Lady Fatima, the pure daughter of Taha
Lady Fatima, the mother of the one slaughtered thirsty in nainawah
Lady Fatima, the mother of the brave Zainab al Kubra
Peace be upon you Lady Fatima
Peace be upon you Lady Fatima
Poem written by: Mohamed Naqi

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