Lady Zainab Day 2021

Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission Presents

Lady Zainab (as) Day 2021
An Annual Sisters Only Event

Date: Sunday 12th September
Time: 3pm
Location: AIM, 131 Walm Lane, Cricklewood, NW2 3AU

Includes poetry, talks, recitations, stalls, majlis, latmiyya and more.

Dinner included.

Sisters Only Competition:
You Inspire Me

Share your thoughts on an exemplary woman in your life today, that inspires you to face the challenges of the dunya as well as stand strong in your faith and uphold your Islamic values.

This could include, but is not limited to, a family member, teacher, work colleague, women in leadership.

Points to include:
Who is she?
Why is she your inspiration?
How does she balance deen and dunya?
What have you learnt from her that has helped you?

Age Group

Deadline: 6th September

Top 3 articles will get an opportunity to present at Lady Zainab (as) Day 2021 on 12th September.

Please submit your articles with name and age via:
Email: [email protected],
DM: @aim.islam on instagram

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