Muslim Community in Myanmar thank AIM

“Whatever you spend of good is to be for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveller. And whatever you do of good – indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.” – The holy Quran (2:215)

In March 2017, AIM launched a fundraiser for the community in Myanmar, a community that has been suffering  from deprivation for years and required urgent assistance. Islam encourages us to help the impoverished and thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to do just that and AIM raised £3525 in 4 weeks!

Earlier this month, Shaykh Myo Khaing Soe, also known as Shaykh Jamal Hussein, the head of Anjumane Hadhrate Fatimah Masumah (s) in Myanmar, met with the Chairman of AIM and presented a letter to express his gratitude.

With the help of the ‘TahaFunder’ platform, we were able to financially support a number of Muslim families who were in dire need of assistance, as well as provide funds for scholars requiring support with cost towards transport, accommodation and hadiya to work in Myanmar for their tabligh activities. Additionally the funds raised will now assist the community in Myanmar to have more resources and publications available in their language.

Below is the letter from Shaykh Myo Khaing Soe to AIM:

We would like to thank everybody that donated, may Allah reward you abundantly.

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